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The Hyundai i30 Turbo in the driving report

Designed in Rüsselsheim, developed in Rüsselsheim and manufactured in the Czech Republic, even after the facelift, the Hyundai i30 is a Korean that is more European than some European competitors. The Hyundai design lives from the skilful feather of ex-VW designer Peter Schreyer and with every generation the Hyundai models become more pleasing. With the latest development, the i30 has something to do with the sheet metal.

No GTI alternative

The grille has been sanded finer, the design is now a little more flowing. The Hyundai press kit describes the shape of the radiator grille as “hexagonal”, I see a distant echo of Peter Schreyer's earlier works. Well, that shouldn't hurt the Hyundai i30 though. The designer has put beautiful cars on paper more than once.

What is much more important, however, is what has happened under the sheet. An 186 PS strong gasoline direct injection turbo was added as the top engine. The turbo version, as seen in the photos, gets a sports suspension, double exhaust pipes, fat 18-inch alloy wheels and some red cosmetics. Here the traces of make-up run through the entire vehicle.

From the Nordschleife to Lower Franconia

While the racing variant of the i30 Turbo was able to ensure a made-to-measure debut at the 24h race at the Nürburgring just recently, we drove the new i30 Turbo model through the vineyards and along the Main in Lower Franconia. Above all, the tuning of the chassis was extremely successful. Tight, but not too hard. Well steamed, but not too rough. The stiff design of the power steering also fits.

Hyundai i30 turbo 01 driving report

Solid, brave, sleek

Despite the 186 PS, Hyundai does not want the i30 Turbo to be understood as a GTI opponent. He is more the fit long distance sprinter, the GT and not the short distance sprinter with the highest ambitions. And this self-image fits the five-door i30 Turbo.

With the manual 6-speed transmission there is even something like shifting pleasure. Dry, crisp and with good connections, it encourages a rather low-speed pace. Can the i30 Turbo in series production benefit from the success on the Nordschleife? Probably not, but of the approximately 40.000 km that the vehicle was driven over the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in development.

In the vineyards around Würzburg, I definitely like the handiness of the i30 and the 265 Nm of the 1.6 liter turbo gasoline engine enable a confident pace.

When it comes to processing, the Koreans also show what the development in Germany does. Nothing crackles, nothing rattles. The Hyundai i30 looks well made and gives the feeling of an adult and solid compact car. The adjusted noise level in the interior also fits. Premium for everyone.

At the end...

Even if the customer has to do without LED headlights for the i30 in general and a dual clutch transmission for the i30 Turbo in particular, the 1.4 compact car is still fun. The performance of the turbo engine is standard in the class and the thirst manageable (standard 7.3l / 100km). Red stitching doesn't make a GTI opponent, but that's not what Hyundai wanted.

And so the new i30 Turbo is what it should be: a good compact one with enough power and comfort, even for long tours.

from 186 HPfrom € 23.850
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