New family cars

The Dacia Sandero is the price breaker among family cars in 2021

When it comes to family cars, the focus is not on prestige, appearance or performance. Those who are out and about with kids have different priorities. Five innovations that will start next year.  

A family car should be as spacious, inexpensive and safe as possible. In the coming year, a whole series of models will be launched that meet at least a large part of the typical requirements. Here are five suggestions.

The variable: Renault Kangoo, high roof station wagon, 1st quarter

High roof combinations are the inexpensive alternative to the classic compact van. They have long since been able to keep up not only in terms of space and variability, but also in terms of ambience and driving behavior. The Renault Kangoo also moves away from its commercial vehicle origins in terms of appearance and equipment. With the electric drive being offered for the first time, the noise level in the spacious sound box should also be reduced. The prices start as usual at around 20.000 euros.

The comfortable: Citroen C5, mid-range car, 4th quarter

After a break of around four years, Citroen will return to the middle class with the C2021 at the end of 5. As with the predecessor, you can expect a lot of space at a fair price - especially in the case of the station wagon. The family-friendly program is garnished with a high level of driving comfort, which the mostly sporty competition in the segment sometimes neglects. There will probably not be an electric drive, but there will be plug-in hybrids. Price: from around 30.000 euros.

The modern: Hyundai Tucson, compact SUV, 1st quarter

Some cars already look old when they debut. Hyundai's Tiguan competitor is certainly not one of them, as the new generation has such a timeless and modern look inside and out that it should look reasonably fresh even after years of family use. There are also numerous electrified drives (mild, full and plug-in hybrids) that promise the same thing. The Koreans are no longer a real bargain brand: at least 34.500 euros are due.

The classic: Opel Astra, compact car, 4th quarter

As an all-rounder, classic compact cars like the Opel Astra are also the right choice for many families. The first corresponding model from the Rüsselsheim-based company since the start of their PSA era is based on the Peugeot 308, but should come across as independent German in terms of optics and ambience. We expect a good amount of space, electrified drives and, above all, an extensive range of state-of-the-art assistance systems. In terms of price, the Astra should be based on the main competitors VW Golf and Ford Focus and thus start at around 20.000 euros.

The price breaker: Dacia Sandero, small car, 2nd quarter

Keeping a family is expensive. If you do not want to spend your entire budget on a car, the newly renovated Dacia Sandero is an offer that does not require excessive sacrifice in terms of ambience and technology. Even if the materials are rather simple and the engines are not particularly powerful. The starting price of 8.500 euros compensates for this. If you add another 3.000 euros, you get a small car that doesn't lack anything important. If there are still a few euros left for optics, we recommend choosing the crossover offshoot Sandero Stepway.

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