News: Seoul 2015 - Hyundai celebrates premiere fireworks

Hyundai presents the world premiere of the Enduro CUV Concept design study at the 11th Seoul Motor (-12.4.2015). The fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world is also presenting six other innovations.

The name “Enduro” is derived from the English word Endurance (German: endurance). The Enduro CUV Concept combines the design of a typical SUV with that of a rally motorcycle. The driver feels like in the cockpit of a jet. All controls are within easy reach, and all displays can be read on an integrated central display.

The aggressively styled Coupé Concept RM15 (R = Racing, M = mid-engine, 15 = 2015) symbolizes Hyundai's passion for performance. It is based on an aluminum spaceframe with a carbon fiber body. The two-seater is powered by a Hyundai Theta 2.0 liter turbo direct-injection petrol engine that delivers 300 hp to the rear axle. The optimal weight distribution ensures the best traction and handling properties.


The Sonata PHEV drives 38 kilometers electrically. It drives like a normal Sonata Hybrid, but can drive up to 38,4 kilometers purely electrically. The combination of a 50 kW electric motor and a 2,0 liter GDI petrol engine, which together offer 205 HP of system power, ensure driving pleasure. The 9,8 kWh lithium-polymer battery charges in just three hours at a 240-volt socket.

After 17 years of construction, Hyundai is renewing its Mighty light truck. With many practical detailed solutions, it makes it noticeably easier for the driver to enjoy his working day.
The Solati is the bus version of the H2014 van presented in September 350. "Solati" comes from Latin and means "comfort". The mini-bus has been specially developed for European markets, initially being launched in Korea as a 14, 15 and 16-seater.

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