Dangers: The new Infiniti Q50

If you close your eyes a little, you blink at the view of the headlights and you only glimpse the lines of the new Q50, then you will find a few optical bonds that are reminiscent of a premium manufacturer from Munich. And there they want to go, the revolutionaries of the company car segment. in the Interview with Christian Blank (Director Infiniti Europe) it became clear that the new Q50 is not just a new start for the brand in Germany, but a possible revolution for the company car market and thanks to rear-wheel drive and dynamic handling the direction of attack is clearly defined.

Revolt in the company car class

Infiniti Q50 first exit

The first impression:

The new Infiniti Q50 has become a classic sedan. With tight 4.80 meters positioned exactly between the threes and the fives of BMW. The wheelbase stretches over 2.85 meters and is thus again exactly between BMW threes and fives. The proportions characterize a dynamically stretched limousine with a long bonnet, short boot lid and a distinctive C-pillar. The rear door changes into a powerful shoulder line that leaves the Q50 sitting on the road. The design is refreshingly different, but fortunately less baroque than its predecessor.

At the front of the now grown to the brand face grille with a self-confidently gone into the broad Infiniti logo.

Infiniti Q50 official car alternative test

So he drives:

The Q50 in the connection with the "THE" called “Steer-by-Wire” system, in which the steering column is decoupled from the front axle and sensors, actuators and electric motors take the lead when it comes to bad roads. Up until now it was only logical that the way from the steering wheel to the wheels works exactly the same way back, i.e. shocks and vibrations from the wheels of the front axle are passed back to the driver via the steering, the “Dynamic Active Steering System” is able to do exactly that to avoid that. While you are driving over bad mogul slopes, the steering wheel remains steady, it doesn't flap back and forth - the system simply filters out this feedback from the wheels to the steering wheel.

What creates a new dimension in steering comfort looks very artificial on the road. It seems as if the future of automobiles wants to take us to where aircraft are already today. Even if the Q50 still has a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the front axle - this is only the "back-up solution" for emergencies. In everyday life, it is possible to adjust the reaction of the steering to the driver's input as desired. Sportier, more direct and with more resistance - or extremely light, with a larger steering angle? The software of the “DAS system” plays the role of translator between the wishes of the driver and the steering. This could be demonstrated impressively on a specially prepared slalom course. While the Q50 in the version without “DAS” at 30 km / h makes it necessary to cross your arms when driving through the slalom, the Q50 with “Dynamic Active Steering” and activated sport setting drove through the same course with only half as much steering wheel work.

Infiniti Q50 Company Car Auto Leasing Test

Back on the road

Even with the new Q50 Infiniti continues to offer the sportiest hybrids in the segment. With 364 PS system performance, the Q50 sprints with the power of the gasoline engine and electric drive within 5.1 seconds to Tempo 100 and still remains under the 150 grams / KM CO² mark (NEDC combined)

With a new name, new face and new talents, he sees himself as the dynamic among the hybrids - just like his predecessor, the M35h. But with the new Q50, a sensible alternative is included in the price list: the “little diesel”.

Infiniti Q50 Front Grille Logo Design

Small diesel

Pssst Interested company car buyers will not like to read it, but the 2.2 diesel turns the sporty Q50 into the accountant variant in the Infiniti range. Suddenly 170 HP are enough and with 4.4 liters (NEDC standard) over 100 km the Q50 becomes a real money saver. The torque is not saved. The bi-turbo diesel delivered by technology partner Mercedes-Benz lifts 400 Nm in the direction of the seven-speed automatic transmission. That's enough to push the classically rear-wheel drive noble Japanese powerfully through the landscape. It's really enough. The 7-speed transmission remains pleasantly cool in its shifting strategy and relies on the torrent of torque of the small diesel.

In contrast to the Hybrid-Q, however, the Diesel-Q does not become a “whispering company car” in the city, the Q50 2.2 Diesel can be heard when the automatic start-stop system does not intervene at the traffic lights. The hybrid Q (by the way, there are both with pure rear-wheel drive, as well as with all-wheel drive) Thanks to the 67 HP electric motor, it can cope with everyday stop & go in cities completely silently and without local emissions.

Infiniti Q50 first test page design

Variants, versions, selling price

Infiniti is serious. Although the brand was founded in principle only 2012 as a separate company, since 24 years, there are the noble brand of the Nissan Group already in the US and with the Q50, we want to provide in Europe for movement in the segment of classic sedans. And the signs are good.

Launching in November, Infiniti offers two engines, two trim levels, two transmission variants and two powertrain technologies. The 2.2 liter of Mercedes diesel is not one of the gritty units on the market, but the most sporty and, above all, the most economical.

The Q50 Hybrid is a big jump and means a complete character transformation of the Q50. From the economical company car, to the noble nerd with a brilliant powertrain.

The absolute entry marks the 2.2 diesel with manual six-speed and 34.350 € in the price list, but you get a sedan with rear-wheel drive, 114 grams of CO² emissions per kilometer and an A + efficiency rating.

The powerful hybrid version costs at least 51.356 €.

Infiniti Q50 tail lights design design

At the end...

The Infiniti brand did not have a light start in Germany. When 2008 hit the market, the economic crisis was just starting to hit the headlines and even drivers of company and company cars were not in the mood to start experiments. The Q50 could become an insider tip among the limousine buyers of this republic. The workmanship is right, the technology features are really good and as far as the driving dynamics are concerned, the Q5o belongs to the dynamics of its segment.  But it is not the drunkard. 

The signs in the class of company cars are on storm, the Q50 calls the revolt! I am looking forward to his success!

Technical data:

Model Name:Q50
Body style:Sedan 4-door
Engine:2.2 diesel or V6 hybrid
Transmission:6 gear manual or 7 gear automatic
Drive:Rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive
displacement:3.498 ccm | Q50 3.5h
Power:364 hp | Q50 3.5h
From 0 to 100 km / h:5.1 sec Q50 3.5h
Top speed .:250 km / h | Q50 3.5h
Consumption according to standard:6.2 liters / 100 km | Q50 3.5h
CO2 emissions according to standard:144 g / km | Q50 3.5h
Test consumption:not determined
Empty weight:from 1.641 kg
Length Width Height:4790 / 1820 / 1455
Pleasure factor / max 10 points: 6 from 10
Price:from 34.350

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