News: Infiniti Q70 - hybrid electrified exotic

Competing against the VW Golf is difficult in Germany. But there is hardly a greater challenge in this country than to take on the classy business limousines from the south in your home country of all places. Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 - this is a bastion that is more powerful than brands Infiniti have gritted their teeth. But the Japanese do not give in small and face the hopeless competition. So if you want to drive something different and already think a Lexus GS is a normal car, the Infiniti Q70 is recommended. Presented three years ago as the M series, it has now been slightly revised at the turn of the year and is pretty much the most exotic and exclusive alternative that can be driven in the upscale business class - not for nothing 44 copies were registered last year ,

The car is definitely a statement - from the outside, because the sedan with its 4,98 meters has a stately size and has not only brought a fresh shine to the upper middle class since the series introduction of the LED headlights for model maintenance. From the inside, because everything looks a bit baroque and sultry, but it is designed to be posh and designed for maximum pampering comfort. And under the hood, because there is a hybrid drive that is far more fun than the double hearts that were previously offered by Audi and Mercedes. A V6 engine with a displacement of 3,5 liters and 225 kW / 306PS and an electric motor of 50 kW / 68 HP - this package is impressive.


Of course, Infiniti is also saving money with the electric auxiliary power unit - it is not for nothing that the Japanese proudly tell of a meager 6,2 liters of standard consumption. To do this, they even programmed an eco mode, in which the accelerator pedal feels so tough and doughy that you don't want to put your foot on it anymore. And whoever strokes the pedal gently enough can whir through the city purely electrically for a kilometer or two, if he doesn't mind the annoyed look of the impatient backers.

But even if you switch to normal mode, the Q70 shows its true face and the tandem noticeably tightens the muscles. If you turn the speed controller a notch further, it really gets really sporty - then you can feel the system output of 268 kW / 364 hp and even more the common torque of 546 Nm and the saver becomes an athlete. From 0 to 100 in 5,3 seconds, playing at 250 km / h and overtaking at the blink of an eye - one more person should say that hybrid cars are the brakes on their fun. Only with saving is that a thing - in any case, the Q70 does not drive in single digits, of course.


At least on this side of the annoying eco mode, the hybrid makes an all-round successful impression. But the Japanese themselves provide the best argument against the part-time Stromer - with their diesel. Especially since they threw the 238 hp V6 engine out with the facelift and replaced it with a 2,2 liter engine with 170 hp. Although it is not quite as powerful and lively as the gasoline-electric double pack, it is even more economical with a standard consumption of 4,9 liters and, after a price reduction of around 10.000 euros, is also significantly cheaper. Because instead of at least 57.300 euros, it is available from 44.500 euros.

Author: Benjamin Bessinger / SP-X


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