Test and driving report: Infiniti Q30 1.5d (+ 2.0T AWD)

Premium in ragged

Infiniti Q30 - "The other premium compact"

Test of the 1.5 liter diesel and the 2.0 liter gasoline engine

Premium compact. Sounds good. On the one hand so modest, the compact one, on the other hand so valuable. Not cheap, but premium. Who is surprised when every manufacturer wants to play along? The premium (there was the word again) subsidiary of Infiniti is a constant in the USA. With us you still have to work a little on success. After the chic Q50 business sedan and the SUV models FX, now QX, the range now also includes something “compact”. The Q30. You don't see at first glance that this Q30 has a well-known twin. Only when you look under the sheet metal or into the interior does it become clear that good genes are not something you want to do without in cars. The basis for the Q30 can be found in Stuttgart. The A-Class from Mercedes plays parts donors and Infiniti tailors a jagged dress and mixes up the character of the compact. We drove the Q30 as a 1.5 liter diesel and - for a few days - as a 2.0 turbo gasoline engine.

Test driving report 033 Infiniti Q30

Test of the Infiniti Q30 1.5d & 2.0t

You share the base, the floor pan, the electrics and, to a large extent, the many other important building blocks that make up such a modern car. The A-Class from Mercedes-Benz and the premium compact from the Nissan subsidiary Infiniti. You can quickly see the proximity of the Q30 to the Stuttgart interior. Instruments and switches, all known. A wide range of engines spans under the hood of the Q30. From 109 to 211 hp, manual transmissions and 7-speed double clutch drives are available, as are front-wheel drive models and variants with all-wheel drive. We selected two top sellers for the test. The 1.5 liter turbodiesel, a Renault engine (Renault-Nissan alliance) and the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine from the gasoline engine range of the Stuttgarter.

Test driving report 028 Infiniti Q30


Solid and free from annoying noise. The ride comfort of the Q30 gives the impression of a large sedan. Isolated from the world outside, the Q30 also rolls over nasty stretches without annoying the driver. The fact that the Q30 feels so “grown-up” is not just the NVH idea behind Premium (NVH?), but also the result of the slight overweight that the Q30 lags behind. At 1.464 kilograms, the manually shifted 1.5d is still one of the lighter Q30s. The later driven Q30 2.0t with dual clutch transmission and all-wheel drive even weighs 1.545 kilograms. Thanks to the pronounced turbo punch and rich torque curve, the 2.0t, in line with expectations, appears much more lively. Which shouldn't reduce the performance of the 1.5d. He hangs happily on the gas, pushes well out of the cellar and still remains economical with all of this. The 1.5d with its 260 Nm is actually sufficient - but the 2.0t is much more fun. However, all-wheel drive is not necessary.

The auxiliary measure by means of a multi-plate clutch ensures traction in winter, but is also not missed with the 2.0t as long as the road is dry. The “small” diesel is good for a speed of 190 km / h, the 350 Nm strong 2.0t, thanks to the 211 hp, drives the Q30 to a speed of 230 km / h. Yes, the “two-liter turbo” is more confident in all respects - but the “small” diesel never looks poor or underpowered. And 12.0 liters per 100 km are not GTI values, but the small diesel has the same quietness and the same driving comfort as the large gasoline engine.

Test driving report 022 Infiniti Q30


The friendly description of “little space” is narrowly cut. The Q30 lives from its dynamic set-up, the good seats, the neat design of the interior and the rigid body. There is no question that you make a compromise. The feeling of space is not extensive and the all-round view is limited. On the other hand, it can score with the quality of driving comfort. At the same time, the Q30, nonetheless based on the A-Class, is more like the GLA from Stuttgart. That helps when getting in. The air conditioning and ventilation of the Q30 work extremely well and quickly. The touchscreen expands the operator's control options.

The noise comfort of the 1.5d is good. Just right after the cold start you notice a jagged nailing. Although the modern 2.0t, thanks to the direct injection, not much more comfortable goes on his day's work. Schaltfaul to be on the road in 1.5d, despite the low displacement, no problem.

The trunk holds 368 to 1223 liter and is thus even a little larger than that of the Stuttgart brother. But even the appropriate space of the trunk can not hide the cuddliness it is when adults sit down in both rows of seats. The privacy of the rear seat is there manageable.

Test driving report 001 Infiniti Q30

Mavericks Bonus

The nicer A-Class. That was our verdict, shortly after the premiere of the Q30. Its beefy design, jagged lines, alert eyes and strong shoulder create a craving for the less playful A-Class design. In addition, the Q30 receives the outsider bonus.

The 2.0t lives from the temperament of its 211 hp turbo gasoline engine, the 1.5d relaxes with the calmness of a modern diesel engine. Both engines adapt the character of the Q30 and change the orientation of the premium compact. While the 1.5d can be seen as a “useful” everyday companion, the large petrol engine is more like the GTI blend of the Q30. Infiniti has refrained from this insignia so far, they see themselves more as calm and luxurious. The fact that the 211 PS Q30 also has a portion of sportiness should not bother anyone.

Test driving report 064 Infiniti Q30

panoramic view

However, the graphics of the multimedia system are getting old and have not been taken over by the cooperation partner. While the display in the cockpit looks fresh, the displays in the multimedia system are rather homebuilt. The operation is in their logic not so easy to learn, but who deals with more than a week with such a car, who comes quickly behind the possibilities. A little strange the combination of Infiniti Intouch system and traffic sign recognition. The Bose sound should be treated to, as well as the tech package with Keyless-Go and 360 ° view and a park assistant.

Test driving report 023 Infiniti Q30

Good feeling

From Emergency Brake Assist, to Blind Spot Warner, to the 360 ° monitor with motion detection and cross traffic signaling. The compact from Infiniti opens the entire program. Based on the stiff body of the A-Class, the Q30 comes naturally in series with 7 airbags and also the lane departure warning is installed from the premium version (equipment name) in series. From the Premium City-Black version, the adaptive headlights based on LED headlights are also standard. Feel good? The Q30 gives a lot of security.

Test driving report 026 Infiniti Q30

Cheaper is different

The fun doesn't get cheap. At least according to the list price. The basic version of the 1.5d costs € 26.250. However, it only becomes exciting from the premium tech equipment. Then the Q30 has the abundance of equipment that one wants and costs, including BOSE sound and tinted windows in row two, at least 35.690 €. Our test vehicle (1.5d) was tested in the color Liquid Copper. A noble color for the compact.

Test driving report 036 Infiniti Q30

Comments on the Infiniti Q30:

The Q30 is the prettier GLA and shines with a well-balanced chassis. The 1,5d is sufficient as a motorization, but does not give the sovereignty to which the Q30 is entitled. That's why the 2,0t (or 2,2d) is the better choice. - Axel Griesinger, author on my-auto-blog about the Infiniti Q30.

If you believe the marketing talk, the Infiniti Q30 combines the dynamic design and sportiness of a coupe with the spaciousness of a sedan and the sophisticated interior of a crossover. Congratulations, Infiniti is building the egg-laying wool milk sow based on the Mercedes-Benz GLA. It's just a shame that in Germany you have to look for Infiniti dealers longer than the well-known needle in a haystack, otherwise you would probably have more of a look at the vehicle. - Jens Stratmann, blogger on rad-ab.com about the Infiniti Q30

The Japanese do not give their extravagant design out of their hands, technically they use proven drive trains from the Daimler - Renault / Nissan fund. This means that not only the look, but also the technology has moved more into the premium field. - Matthias Luft - Blogger on motoreport.de about the Infiniti Q30

Anyone looking for a Mercedes GLA should buy the Infiniti Q30. - Matthias Gill, blogger on ubi-testet.de about the Infiniti Q30

The Infiniti Q30 offers the most exceptional style in the compact segment, both inside and out. Amazing that Mercedes is on the technical side of a supplier deal, at Infiniti they are very happy. Thomas Majchrzak on the Infiniti Q30

Test driving report 027 Infiniti Q30


Infiniti? Many people still shrug their shoulders at this brand. The Q30 has the potential to make the brand much better known. The compact segment is extremely important not only in Germany. The strategy of creating an alternative on the basis of a successful premium platform, using successful engines and transmissions, will be helpful for the Q30. At most, the price is a little ambitious for a “newbie”.

The ideal car for:

Individuals and people who are more likely to travel alone than three in a car. People with the urge for an emotional design language, with the desire for something special - but still feel at home in the “classic compact” class.


"Jagged Premium Compact"

Alternative to: Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series.
Match with: People with a feeling for something special.
That convinces: The look and the maturity that radiates the vehicle.

Test driving report 011 Infiniti Q30


Test driving report 057 Infiniti Q30

All technical data at a glance:

The vehicle registration document for the Infiniti Q30 1.5d Premium

For sale: he follows
Base Price: From € 29.140
Engine performance: 109 PS / 260 Nm
Drive and transmission: 6 gear manually
Acceleration: 12,0 seconds for 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined: 3,9-4,2l (depending on wheel size) 100 km NEDC standard
maximum speed: 190km / h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 4425, 1805, 1495, 2700 mm

All technical data of the Q30 2.0t at a glance:

The vehicle registration for the Infiniti Q30 2.0t Sport

For sale: he follows
Base Price: From € 40.290
Engine performance: 211 hp / 350 Nm
Drive and transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
Acceleration: 7,3 seconds for 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined: 6,7 l / 100 km
maximum speed: 230 km / h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 4425, 1805, 1475, 2700 mm

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