Video: Infiniti Q30 caught as Erlkönig

The collaboration between Renault-Nissan and the Daimler group shows after smart presented the new fortwo / forfour and Twingo together with Renault and after the pain around Mercedes Citan are slowly forgotten, new fruits:

Infiniti Q30 - Asian attack on the golf class

Cooperation between large automotive groups on a global level is not always easy to organize. Mercedes-Benz can tell you a thing or two about it. Reservations can often be found on both sides. But after Mercedes-Benz had quietly and without much press releases the Renault engines even in the lower middle class (C class W205) has packed, there will be soon Schützenhilfe from Stuttgart in the direction of Renault-Nissan. The premium offshoot of the Nissan brand, the subsidiary Infiniti, wants a piece of the pie from the large premium compact market. However, that will not work without a golfing opponent with real premium values.

No pulsar at Infiniti

Renault-Nissan is pursuing an interesting strategy in conquering the “Golf class”. For example there is that Nissan Pulsar, a compact by Nissan quite well positioned as a golf opponent. Unlike the class leader is the Nissan Pulsar but more like a bread and butter car. Not a bad car, but also not an exciting car. A car with inner values. With an extremely good price-performance ratio. But without star attire, even completely free from the desire to occupy one of the front seats in the exhausting and hard-fought golf class.

This task now applies to the premium brand Infiniti. With the Q50 has already been proven, the Japanese can also extremely good Build business-class limousines. The Infiniti Q50 also carries the heart of the Stuttgart under his character drawn hood. Both as a diesel, and in the turbo gasoline version of the respective unit comes from Stuttgart. And the automatic with its 7 gears is from the Swabian provincial capital.

With the Q30, Infiniti will conjure up a golfing opponent next year, whose platform is based on the current A-Class (MFA = Modular Front Architecture). The video footage of the Erlkönig already shows the contours quite well. The headlamps and taillights of the Q30 will capture the design language of the Q50.

In addition to the compact class Q30 Infiniti will also present a crossover on this platform. The QX30, like the GLA from Mercedes, is a direct offshoot of the compact class. As with the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the QX30 will not be allowed to hope for massive changes in the available space.

The A-class platform (MFA) will give Renault-Nissan a good start in the race for the podium in the premium compact car class, while the strategy of differentiating Nissan and Infiniti through different platforms in the C-segment is bold but consistent.

It is unimportant whether the Erlkönig in the video is a QX30 or a Q30. And whether the QX30 later becomes a real compact SUV, or like the Mercedes-Benz GLA just a shallow crossover with cosmetics does not matter. The main thing is that it will be good 😉



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