Driving Report Jaguar F-Type Coupe: Between Bond and Boulevard

Le Mans victories, sports car world championships, sporty high-performance sedans like the S-Type and sports icons like the E-Type, hardly any other car manufacturer was so consistently shaped by a sporty DNA during the three decades after the war as Jaguar. With the end of production of the E-Type in 1974, the British lost much of their dynamic gloss levels. But since 2013 at the latest, the world in the realm of the big cats has been in order again. Presented with the F-Type Jaguar not just the legitimate successor to the F-Type. It can also serve purists as a "real sports car". Especially since the coupé version has also been available.

“Doesn't James Bond drive that?” - The F-Type driver can take the compliment of the inexperienced neighbor at the gas pump as a compliment, while the 72-liter reservoir in the rear fills up with fuel after a good 550 kilometers. “No,” the uninformed receives a brief lesson in a British sports car customer. “Bond drives Aston Martin, this is the new one Jaguar F-Type. “- The sporty two-seater from Jaguar may well understand the scene as a compliment. The 4,47 meter long two-door is a real eye-catcher. The design with its long hood and gently sloping roof line successfully cites the legendary E-Type. Of course, without any retro element.

Driving report Jaguar 02 F-Type coupe

The interior also refrains from retrospectives. Aluminum instead of leather, ergonomics instead of nostalgia and, above all, a quality of workmanship that could also have matured in Ingolstadt or Munich, embrace the two passengers in a solid, soothing and somewhat opulent way. Here, the F-Type documents that its development goal may not have been the ultimate consequence of cornering on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, but that long-distance comfort could also be part of the portfolio of everyday features. The precise steering and stable brakes underscore curve qualities that can be tacked to the lapel without any ifs and buts. The big cat follows its trail with a consistency and dynamism that not only exhaust the legal framework of road traffic, but also significantly expand it.
Jaguar offers the F-Type in the two body styles Cabriolet and Coupé in three identical performance levels. The V6 with a three-liter displacement and supercharger delivers 250 kW / 340 PS in the base and 280 kW / 380 PS as the "S". Above it sits the F-Type "R" with a five-liter V8 which, also with charging, develops 404 kW / 550. The transmission of the drive power is managed by an eight-speed automatic system, which also enables the option of manual gear change.

Driving report Jaguar 01 F-Type coupe

The basic engine is completely sufficient to move the F-Type as agile as is appropriate for its external appearance. Thanks to a light metal body, the coupé has a decent curb weight of 1577 kilos despite extensive comfort. The compressor V6 pulls the load from standstill to 5,3 km / h in 100 seconds and only sets further propulsion at 260 km / h. There is just as little to say against the performance development as against the joy of turning the four-fan with direct injection and variable camshaft adjustment. If there is cause for criticism, then maybe the sound when accelerating fully. More bass and less brass would make listening enjoyable much more.

Of course, the F-Type is a lot of fun when it is allowed to rob over remote side streets of the Eifel, but the real friendship grows with every kilometer over the long motorway stage. This shows that the chassis developers did a really good job. The wheels, which are suspended from triangular aluminum arms, roll so smoothly and smoothly that in this case the hackneyed comparison with the gentle cat paws still fits.

Of course, a sports car is not a family carriage. But 407 liters of maximum luggage space do not bother when shopping for the weekend or luggage for two. It takes some getting used to the rather modest clarity of the body. A camera is at hand when maneuvering backwards. To the front, eye contact to the front breaks shortly behind the windscreen wipers. This can be dangerous for the style-defining length of the front end if care is not taken.
Under no circumstances did Jaguar set exotic prices before keeping the exotic space cat. 67 euros will be called for the entry-level model. In this price range, Porsche is currently donating a Cayman S with 500 kW / 325 hp from 325 64 euros. Given the smooth standard equipment, the Jaguar can boast of a bargain. But on one point Jaguar has learned a lot from the competition from Stuttgart, Munich or Ingolstadt. In the price list you can scroll through many pages with numerous options to train an F-Type even more useful, sporty or comfortable. Depending on the tamer's taste.

As a coupé, the Jaguar F-Type is a timelessly beautiful sports car with great potential as a classic. He is exciting enough to justify a long-term relationship and sensible enough to spend every day with him. And if Mr. Bond actually opted for an F-Type instead of an Aston Martin, he could save at least 50 percent and would have his martinis free until the end of his life. No matter whether shaken or stirred.






Text: (ampnet / tl); Photos: Jaguar
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