Jaguar F-Pace: Tempo SUV from Britain

The brand's first SUV Jaguar is launched at the beginning of 2016 under the name F-Pace. The four-wheel drive is to compete against models such as Porsche Macan or BMW X3 and is based on lightweight construction and dynamic design.

The design model is the 2013 presented study C-X17, which has incorporated stylistic elements from the F-Type sports car, from which the production model now inherits the “F” in its name. "Pace" means something like "pace". The decidedly sporty positioning is also intended to prevent a weakening of the SUV sister brand Land Rover, which is more committed to off-road capability.

The British only sparingly released details of their first SUV model a year before the market launch. But it is clear that the five-seater takes over the aluminum body structure from the technically related mid-size sedan XE, which starts in early summer 2015. And there should also be similarities with the engines: Both the new four-cylinder from the British and the well-known V6 compressor engines are conceivable. Prices are not yet known, but will probably start at around 45.000 euros.

The two new mid-range models round off Jaguar's model range downwards and should ensure strong growth. The British recently sold around 80.000 cars a year, and in future there will be more than twice as many.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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