Jaguar SUV Erlkönig caught

The Jaguar is working on the luxury SUV, that's for sure. However, what the Erlkönig photographer in front of the lens in this case is only a test vehicle. Based on the upcoming 4 × 4 architecture, this Erlkönig still carries the body of the XF. However, this already includes the technology for the upcoming Jaguar luxury SUV.

Good to see, the shortened wheelbase compared to the Jaguar XF and the massive wheel arches to get the big wheels neatly under the body.

Jaguar SUV Erlkönig 001 CX17

Jaguar SUV Erlkönig 002 CX17 Jaguar SUV Erlkönig 003 CX17

Image source: S. Baldauf / SB-Medien


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