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Jaguar F-Type 003 Paris New

When I was allowed to be with Jaguar in the test center at the Nürburgring a few weeks ago, the F-Type was still well hidden.

New F-Type

Now the new F-Type has been presented at the Paris Motor Show and yes, the first pictures seem to deliver what was promised. Numerous studies and not least a brilliant name - a new Jaguar has to deliver a lot.

The original press release from Jaguar is available on the - my personal opinion here:

 "Hot as a rat and extremely tasty"

The proportions are right, with a long wheelbase and a manageable overall length, the car is not based on a revival idea of ​​the original E-Type, but speaks a completely new - sporty design language. The four exhaust tailpipes could have been placed less prominently - the rest of the rear speaks a little Italian. For this almost “typically new Jaguar” the front.

No more Aston Martin copies - that should be the most important information for true Jaguar fans, back to their own design language.

Frustrating the curb weight of the new F-Type: With just under 1.600 kg, the manageable two-seater brings more weight on the scales than hoped. Compensation for the prosperity and safety bacon belt is provided by the engines.

Compressor V6 launches at 340PS, offers a pimped version with 380PS and still a bit on top of it, puts the V8 compressor with 495PS.

Jaguar not only looked for a role model in the Swabian town of Zuffenhausen in terms of design and performance levels - the price of € 73.400 should also be understood as an “alternative” to a roadster with a mid-engine.

Whereby one has once again shot well beyond the target of “below 70k”.

How big the equipment-adjusted difference will be at the end is reserved for a later evaluation.


The new F-Type looks really good and Jaguar is finally saying goodbye to the “old Jaguar memory look” and the supposed attempt to copy the models from Aston Martin.

Whether the new F-Type will be a success depends not only on the design, but also on the performance on the cornering passages of this world and here for me, after the information about the massive "excess weight" (+ 200kg vs. Porsche Boxster S) - also in view of the manageable performance plus - real question marks!



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