News: Jaguar F-Type Project 7 - In a victorious tradition

The number 7 in the name is intended to indicate that this F-Type has a high standard

Has seven times Jaguar won the prestigious race in Le Mans. In the spirit of these successes, the British are now driving the F-Type Project 7: a radical driving machine with 575 hp. The open two-seater costs 155.000 euros - however, all 250 models are sold out before the market launch.

Visually, the Project 7 borrows from the legendary Le Mans racing car, the D-Type, which won three times in the 50s. The windshield has been shortened by almost twelve centimeters compared to the standard F-Type, the side windows have been trimmed and behind the driver's seat the headrest merges into a shark-fin-like hat that extends to the protruding rear spoiler. Instead of an electric hood, there is a small fabric hat, which is only approved up to 190 km / h. And the Project 7 easily breaks it: Jaguar specifies 300 as the electronically limited maximum speed; the roadster sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 3,9 seconds.

Details also underline the noble claim
Details also underline the noble claim

There is also a new chassis. The springs in front were tightened by eighty percent, the steering column was designed much stiffer and the negative camber of the front wheels tripled to 1,5 degrees. At the same time, the technicians adjusted the spread of the adaptive dampers; they even out the hardening measures at the push of a button and, despite all their sportiness, ensure an astonishing amount of comfort.

Nevertheless: dynamism is more important to the athlete than slow gliding. With each bend we venture closer to the border area, and it always seems to shrink a little further. While the athlete, who is 45 kilograms lighter than the F-Type R Cabrio, throws himself lightly and with verve into the curve, the wheels grip the asphalt and do not let the British man deviate from the ideal line by a millimeter. The five-liter V421 compressor, which has been increased to 575 kW / 8 hp, has also increased in sound, depending on the driving situation, it purrs loudly or snaps loudly.

You won't find an electric hood
You won't find an electric hood

However, driving pleasure has its price: As with the normal F-Types, the tank only holds 70 liters. With a promised standard consumption of 10,9 liters, they are enough for a good 640 kilometers. In practice, however, the attendant will pay a visit sooner.

Author: Michael Gebhardt / SP-X


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