News: Jaguar XF - It costs the cat

Jaguar shows the second edition of the XF business model at the New York Auto Show (April 3 to 12). This will be available from autumn for at least 41.350 euros.

The British offer the sedan in five equipment lines (Pure, Prestige, Portfolio, R-Sport and S) as well as with three diesel and two petrol engines. The entry point was the XF E-Performance with a 120 kW / 163 hp four-cylinder diesel with a six-speed manual transmission, which should be satisfied with 3,9 liters per 100 kilometers. You pay an additional 2.500 euros for the ZF eight-speed automatic.

If you want the rear-wheel drive British with a six-cylinder, you will find it from 61.510 euros (diesel). With a petrol engine and V6, the British four-door car costs at least 62.270 euros. The sporty spearhead of the series is the XF S equipped with the 280 kW / 340 hp six-cylinder from the F-Type. For this, 67.790 euros are due, with all-wheel drive even 70.390 euros.

Externally, the XF doesn't differ too much from its predecessor. The new one is a tad shorter and flatter than the 2007 model. However, since the wheelbase has increased by five centimeters to 2,96 meters, the interior should be noticeably airier. More has happened under the sheet metal: the base of the Jaguar XF consists of 75 percent aluminum, which means a weight reduction of 190 kilograms compared to the predecessor.

The technical highlights include a head-up display, full-LED headlights and a new 10,2-inch touchscreen. On the latter, the “split view” function allows the screen to be divided so that the driver can see information on route guidance, for example, while the passenger is watching a DVD. The touchscreen is complemented by a configurable and 12,3-inch TFT instrument cluster, which is already used in the larger Jaguar XJ and the Range Rover.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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