Paris 2014: The new Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery Sport

An island turns up

The product offensive goes to the British in the next round. Jaguar Land Rover presents in Paris the new sport sedan Jaguar XE and the (almost) compact SUV Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Jaguar XE, the new sporty sedan in the mid-range segment, is the first model in which the new engines from the Ingenium series are used. These should be particularly low in pollutants. The launch of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first step in Jaguar Land Rover's strategy of introducing 50 new models or model updates over the next five years. Both variants should be groundbreaking developments for Jaguar Land Rover. With entry-level prices of 36.450 euros for the XE and 32.250 euros for the Discovery Sport, the two British companies should open up new market segments and open up new customer groups. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is produced at the Halewood, Merseyside plant in Liverpool, which was recently modernized.


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