First ride: FCA Jeep - the number one SUV and off-road vehicle manufacturer

Jeep Range 2015

2015 is also the number one SUV and off-road vehicle manufacturer in the tough German market

The Jeep brand - known worldwide - stands for the term SUV and off-road vehicle. With the first light SUV since 1941, Jeep has now become the largest exclusive SUV and SUV brand in the world. In 2014 the 1 million mark was exceeded. Jeep has been one of the fastest growing car brands in Germany since last year and is consistently expanding its model range. The traditional brand has been represented in every segment since October 2014: from the new small Renegade to the compact Compass, the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler.

Off-road vehicle from 1941
Off-road vehicle from 1941.

We were now able to test all models both on the road and off-road. Onroad they convince with a very sovereign roadholding both straight and cornering. The seats provide a secure hold. None of the vehicles can argue about the suitability for off-road use. Whether deep trenches or tree trunks, nothing presents even the approach of an insurmountable challenge. So we marveled not bad, as we suddenly hung down with the Grand Cherokee with a wheel in the air, but he continued unerringly his way.

With the Renegade Jeep wants to develop new customer groups. With its fresh new styling, with which it stands powerfully on the road like its big brother Wrangler, it should gain a foothold in the B-segment. It is also characterized by classic Jeep features such as large slope and ramp angles, the typical trapezoidal wheel arches and round headlights . Clearly identifiable as a powerful off-road vehicle. The so-called small SUV is being launched with three petrol and three diesel units and three drive concepts.

Start model of the Jeep Range - Jeep Renegade
The starting model - the Jeep Renegade.

The Compact SUV Compass follows the Renegade. With its design and equipment, it is already similar to the two classes higher Grand Cherokee, The front with the rectangular headlights and the grill with chrome decoration around the traditional seven ventilation slots gives the Compass a rather adult character. Obviously, the survey on the hood embodies power that emphasizes the qualities of the Compass under all driving conditions.

Mid-size SUV - Jeep Cherokee
Mid-size SUV - Jeep Cherokee.

With the launch of the first Cherokee in 1984 three decades ago, Jeep introduced the mid-size SUV segment, in which a number of competitors soon followed. A key feature of the Cherokee was its completely new self-supporting body, which gave the vehicle a particularly low weight for off-road vehicles and thus reduced consumption.

Setting new standards - mid-size SUV - Jeep Cherokee
Setting new standards - the mid-size SUV Jeep Cherokee

The current generation of the Cherokee sets new standards with athletic design, the first nine-speed automatic transmission in the segment, improved road dynamics, the well-known 4 × 4 properties, high-quality interior, innovative technologies and comfort as well as "five star" safety and protection devices which the vehicle achieved the highest rating of the Euro NCAP in the medium SUV segment.

Premium SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee
Premium SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee

Special design features make it Grand Cherokee to a real personality in the premium SUV segment. The distinguishing features are the bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and the muscular and athletic body. In the interior, exclusive materials such as leather upholstery and structured real wood ensure a high-quality ambience, such as the diagonal 8,4 inch-measuring touch screen of the entertainment and navigation system uconnect and a TFT display as a central instrument whose display the driver can program according to his wishes.

Last but not least, Jeep has been offering the 2007 model range since April Wrangler in Germany in two body versions: as a two-door Wrangler and as a four-door Wrangler Unlimited. With its typical features such as rigid axles, removable doors, hinged door hinges, a folding windshield and a modular removable hard tops or innovative folding roofs, the Wrangler retains the cherished brand values. With various combinations of doors and roofs, great exterior colors and many accessory options, the Wrangler can be designed as individually as never before.

Jeep Wrangler - strong off-road capability
Jeep Wrangler - strong off-road capability.

At the end...

As everyday cars, Jeep models get their confirmation for every wallet not only off-road, but also on the road.

Jeep Compass 2.2 CRD Sport / Limited, 4 × 4

For sale: 2015
Base Price: 31.300 €
Engine performance: 120 (163 hp)
Drive and transmission: Six-speed manual transmission
Acceleration: 10.6 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined: 6.6 liters on 100 km
maximum speed: 201 km/h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 4.465, 1.812, 1.718, 2.635 mm
Photos in the article: Stefan Beckmann Cover photo: Stefan Beckmann

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