Good swap - Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler with new gasoline engines


Time for innovations under the hood: Jeep is now on new four-cylinder petrol engine.
At Jeep, there is something new under the hoods.

Many roads are known to lead to Rome. Sometimes they are detours. Jeep is now adding a completely new 2,0 liter four-cylinder in-line engine with 272 PS to its range of engines and is the first Jeep ever to offer a hybrid drive for the small Renegade from 2020. The goal is clear. The strict Co2 specifications from next year on the one hand should be achieved through more efficient drives. On the other hand, electrification should help to minimize Co2 emissions across the entire fleet of the Group. It seems to make sense for Jeep to take his time with it. Maybe in the end the fuel cell will be the royal road to a clean future by car. 

Even with the Cherokee Trailhawk has the 3,2 liter six-cylinder service.

The new in-line four-cylinder gasoline engine with two-liter capacity and start-stop technology replaces the 3,2 liter six-cylinder Jeep Cherokee, which had significantly less torque despite more displacement. Now, 272 PS delivers performance at 5.250 revolutions per minute, in conjunction with the nine-speed torque converter automatic transmission in the mid-size SUV for powerful, confident throttle. Up to 400 Newtonmeter torque is available at 3.000 revolutions per minute, the six-cylinder engine delivered 85 Newtonmeter less.

The new 2,0 four-cylinder engine provides 15 percent more torque than the six-cylinder engine.


Unlike many other SUV Jeep Cherokee has talents in the field.

The Cherokee Trailhawk is now only available with the four-cylinder petrol engine

In the Trailhawk version, which now complements the range of Cherokee model variants, Jeep relies exclusively on the new petrol engine, while the 2.2 MultiJet II turbo diesel engine with 195 hp is also available for the other models. The Trailhawk models are externally recognizable by the black glare protection on the bonnet and by the famous “Trail Rated” emblem in the area of ​​the A-pillars, which is only awarded after a series of detailed tests with regard to traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, agility and water crossing becomes. 17-inch off-road tires, front and rear bumpers with larger slope angles, underride protection plates and a lifting kit by two centimeters do not even allow doubts about the off-road mobility. The 4 × 4 capabilities are based on the four-wheel drive system Jeep Active Drive Lock, developed exclusively for the Trailhawk, and its lockable rear axle differential, which maximizes traction in low gears to overcome obstacles and master extreme terrain. With a freely selectable target speed of one to nine kilometers per hour, the Trailhawk now climbs effortlessly in a quarry near Verona over steep slopes uphill or downhill and traverses water fords.

The chassis of the almost two-tonne off-roader is tightly tuned without losing comfort.

The Wrangler offers a choice of 2,0 liter petrol and 2,2 liter diesel

Probably the most authentic Jeep, the Wrangler, also cuts a fine figure on road.

Even under the hood of the Wrangler convinced the new 2,0 liter four-cylinder

Beyond any doubts about his off-road qualities, the most authentic Jeep, the Wrangler, now in its fourth generation on the market, slowly climbs an 60 percent steep track with extended ruts. Even under its bonnet, the new 2,0 liter four-cylinder engine convinces, here in cooperation with the standard eight-speed automatic transmission. The previous 3,6 six-cylinder does not need much to mourn. The turbocharger of the new engine provides a jerky response and prompt performance at an 43,3 percent higher speed, not just on demanding terrain.

The two-door Wrangler is already available from 47 000 Euro.

The Cherokee with the new 2,0 liter four-cylinder will cost from 49 500 Euro, for the Wrangler and its new engine Jeep listed for the two-door at least 47 000 Euro.

The Jeep Renegade will be available soon as a plug-in hybrid.


Text and photos: Solveig Grewe

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