Jeep Gladiator - transport expertise in mud

As usual with the Wrangler, the side doors can also be removed from the Gladiotar

Actually, the name Gladiator derives from the Roman short sword Gladius. Jeep, however, he serves as a name for his by far the longest model.

The off-road brand Jeep sends a new pick-up version based on the Wrangler into the arena at the Los Angeles Auto Show with the Gladiator. 2019 comes on 5,54 meter stretched all-wheeler with a large, open cargo area initially in the US on the market. Later, the new series will compete in Europe.

With 5,54 meter length, the gladiator towers over his four-door Wrangler base by 79 centimeters

Vehicle base for the pick-up version is the four-door Wrangler, whose wheelbase was extended by almost half a meter. Thanks to a stretched stern, the gladiator towers above the standard Wrangler by 79 centimeters. Behind the passenger cabin, he offers a 1,5 meter long cargo area. 725 kilogram payload and 3,47 tons of trailer load also promise high-level transport expertise.

The standard version of the Gladiator is equipped with the Rock-Trac all-wheel drive system, underride protection, off-road tires and 76 centimeter fording depths for off-road use. If you want to master particularly demanding passages with the Lasten-Wrangler, you can alternatively get a Rubicon version, which also offers an off-road camera system, reduction gears and limited slip differentials.

The Gladiator will also be available as a Rubicon, which is characterized by particularly high off-road capabilities

First, the Gladiator in the US with 3,6-liter V6 petrol engine (210 kW / 285 PS) go to the start, which can be combined with either eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. 2020 is to follow a three-liter V6 diesel with eight-speed automatic, which makes 191 kW / 260 horsepower.

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