Jeep Grand Cherokee - Elk test

Oh dear Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have a problem in the moose test? If you look at the video of the Swedish “teknikensvarld” then there seems to be a problem!

I can still judge it at this point. I currently have exactly this model at my disposal, but as a small engine blogger I don't have the opportunity for a moose test. What I am going to do, however, is to pay more attention to the dynamic response of the model. Should the Grand Cherokee have a problem with the set-up, then you could possibly notice that on one of my home routes here in the Spessart. that's how I felt with the A-Class back then. Their rigid ESP, as a reaction to the moose test, was under constant stress on one of my home routes.

Originally it was planned to test the jeep off-road - but to this day I have not yet received approval for this test. And for me personally the very well-equipped Cherokee in the “overland version” and the tires with a 50 mm cross-section is simply too good for the terrain!

I try to clarify this with Jeep Germany yet. 


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