Driving Report: KIA Sorento 2.2 CRDI 4WD

Is not an SUV fan in every one of us?

Page 2 of the KIA Sorento driving report:
The arguments are always the same: You can see so well. If you ask the buyer of an SUV, you hear exactly this argument again and again. Of course, the big KIA is no exception and yes - once you get used to it, you miss this upright and slightly raised seating position when you switch back to a normal car.

The KIA spoils the driver with a simple, but deliberately well-made cockpit. The displays are clear and easy to read and the operation does not raise any questions. Only the steering wheel may have called “here” once too often when distributing the buttons.

The 197 hp 2.2 liter four-cylinder diesel in conjunction with an inconspicuous six-speed automatic transmission was installed in the test car. And with that I would have already named the most important adjective for the drive of the Sorento: Inconspicuously!

The 437 Nm strong diesel and the automatic transmission work perfectly together - you usually do not feel the gear shifting and the high-displacement four-cylinder works extremely well insulated under the large bonnet. Two people work together here who can really conjure up the frown on your forehead. With almost 200 hp and the well-coordinated automatic system, the Sorento manages the balancing act between smoothness and convincing power delivery so well that one seriously considers what the premium surcharge for other models is for.

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The 2.2 liter four-cylinder diesel is used by KIA and Hyundai. With the Euro5 classification, the engine is considered up-to-date, but others can do better today. 197 HP at 3.800 revolutions, and 437 Nm power in the range from 1.800 to 2.500 revolutions. The 2.2 CRDI is a cultured bull.

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Kia Sorento engine crdi

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Place in the big hut

Kia Sorento trunk


660 liters trunk volume, or to put it another way: Enough space to stow all the furniture in a bachelor's house. If you fold down the second row, the load volume is 1.675 liters. The test car came to the test as a five-seater, for families who often drive a handball team to the next game, there is a third row of seats for an extra charge. But this only - not understandable - in the most expensive of the four equipment variants.Tray under the trunk floor KIA Sorento

The five-seater also has another storage compartment under the actual boot floor.


Driving experience:

The staggering giant or a sailor on shore leave. No - the revised KIA can convince in everyday life with a sensitive tuning of the chassis. The steering impresses with its fine feedback and despite its size and weight, the Sorento does not seem cumbersome. So now you are sitting in a large SUV from Korea, enjoying the powerful diesel - the inconspicuous automatic system and always wondering how successful the whole car feels. No cheap Korean drives here - a big SUV with real talents is reaching for the crown.

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My personal recommendation:

In addition to the 2.2 liter diesel, KIA also offers the Sorento with a 2.4 liter direct injection petrol engine. Without having driven the gasoline engine, I think there is no need to think about it. The turbocharged turbodiesel with its 437 Nm clearly steals the show from the 242 Nm petrol engine. In addition, the standard consumption of the diesel is an additional 2,5 liters less than the gasoline engine and the good noise insulation of the compression-ignition engine lets the last doubts fly away.

The question remains about 2WD or 4WD. Here, too, there can only be one answer in my opinion: four-wheel drive is clearly part of an SUV. I can only imagine the laughter if you were stuck in a muddy meadow with a large SUV. No - it must be a 4WD.

Then the Sorento 2.2 CRDI 4WD 35.790 costs € in the Edition 7 equipment. Those who like a little more * blingbling *, such as aluminum sill plates, tinted windows from the 2 range and a rear spoiler, will choose the Vision variant and get an electrically adjustable driver's seat. Even the MP3 radio with a small 4,3 inch TFT display is only available from the Vision range.

For € 38.290, the Vision variant offers a fine compromise between “still under € 40.000” entry price and a well-equipped SUV - which can also inspire demanding drivers. The six-speed automatic is also only available with the Vision equipment and costs € 1.250 extra - which, however, does not affect the € 40.000 barrier!

The top version Spirit offers a little more of everything! For a price starting from 42.290 € there are such fine extras as a tire pressure indicator, 18 light alloy wheels, aluminum look instead of wood in the interior, an 7 inch navigation device, a steering with variable steering forces (Flexsteer) and a parking assistant. In addition, the technology package with Xenon light and the partial leather seats with seat ventilation for 1.400 € and 1.350 € are included.

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