Kia Picanto - base remains four digits

The Kia Picanto is barely bigger, but has become much more spacious

The Kia Picanto remains with its starting price also in the new edition just below the 10.000-Euro-Grenze. For 9.990 Euro, the microcar will be powered by an 49 kW / 67 PS powerful 1,0-liter engine from the summer onwards, with audio equipment and automatic light on board.

There are four equipment lines to choose from, and options such as climate control, cruise control and imitation leather seats can also be found on the option list. The only drive alternative is initially an 1,2-liter gasoline engine with 62 kW / 84 PS, for which an optional automatic transmission is available. At the end of the year, an 74 kW / 100 PS powerful turbo gasoline engine will be added to the range.

With its price of almost 10.000 euros, the Picanto is on the level of the competition. The Korean's competitors include Ford Ka +, Renault Twingo and Skoda Citigo. (Holger Holzer / SP-X)

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