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Lamp lift and more - Touareg 2.0

VW will be lifted in summer Flaggschiff Touareg. But only relatively gently. The most obvious change is a new light on the Hatchback.

With a new light and a modified chassis, the VW Touareg enters the second half of its life in the summer. The luxury SUV has high-resolution LED matrix headlights, with a total of 18.400 individually controllable light pixel for a better one Illumination to take care of the street. At the rear of the Wolfsburg flagship, there is an illuminated brand logo for the first time on a European VW model, which should also be found on other model series in the future. Significant change in the interior is the new infotainment software with more accurate Navigation and Refined language assistants.

VW lifts the Touareg in the summer

While the range of drives from diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrids will probably remain untouched, VW has the chassis of the all wheel drive revised and promises for both the steel and the air spring variant a better compromise between agility and comfort. One is also new roof load sensor, which, for example, recognizes a mounted roof box and adjusts the electronic driving aids accordingly. As is usual after facelifts, prices are likely to rise and probably exceed the 70.000 euro threshold for the base model for the first time.

Holger Holzer / SP-X

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