Land Rover Discovery - The offroader for the road

In spring 2017, the new Land Rover Discovery is launched in Germany

With an SUV in the area? Not too good idea. Although the modern Hochbeiner sometimes look as if they could easily master the uphill and downhill. But at least when it goes over gravel roads or the snowy path to the ski hut, many stroke the sails. True SUVs, while unlikely to stop, but on the paved road, their drivers often have the disadvantage: roadholding and comfort can sometimes but much to be desired. That this does not have to be proves Land Rover with the new Discovery. The Brit has retained his off-road talents in the latest edition, and gained new on-road skills. From 22. April is the not so edgy disco for at least 50.500 Euro at the dealer.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Discovery has grown by 14 centimeters to 4,97 meters in length

34 degree of slope angle forward, 28,3 centimeters of ground clearance and 90 centimeters of fording depth - values ​​that make every off-road driver's heart beat faster. In fact, the new Land Rover Discovery depends on the competition many competitors, and even its predecessor did not come through so deep water and such high stones. Best of all: The discos numerous electronic helpers make trips on the other side of the road a breeze. About the drive mode switch, the respective surface can be preselected, but this is basically rarely necessary; in most cases, the Auto feature sets all systems correctly in fractions of a second. The four-wheel drive regulates the power distribution sovereign and operated the individual locks, sensors measure how deep the water is that you drive through, and on request, the computer takes over accelerating and braking. Then the Land Rover marches at a preset speed through the terrain and the rider can concentrate fully on steering, which is especially beneficial when climbing over high rocks.

Thanks to air suspension, the ground clearance of the Discovery can be varied

All this could - albeit not so in the last detail - even the fourth generation. Truly new are the capabilities of the Discovery 5 on the road: Quiet and supple rolls the 4,97 Meter long battleship and feels thanks to 480 kilograms less on the ribs much more agile than before. Which does not mean that the Landy has now become a sports car: after all, he tows at least about 2,1 tons of curb weight around with him and who reaches for the six-cylinder diesel - and not withhold the extra equipment, comes quickly to 2,6 tons and more. Rear-seat entertainment, the two electrically (and on request by app!) Fold-out seats in the third row, navigation system, sound system, and, and, and add up to a proud mass.

The outer skin of the disco should provide better aerodynamics. According to Land Rover, the drag coefficient is 0,33

However, the V6 does not have any problems with getting the mass moving: 190 kW / 258 PS and bearish 600 Newton meters ensure that the colossus comes up with Tempo 100 and 209 in just over eight seconds with the eight-speed automatic featured in all discos km / h is fast. These are not top figures, but more than adequate, especially since the six-cylinder can additionally score with sophisticated refinement and creamy sound; as well as the six-cylinder gasoline also, which is also available for 58.800 Euro, but we probably only in homeopathic doses is in demand. Quite so sovereign is the new four-cylinder diesel Sd4 with double turbo not, but the two-liter engine with 177 kW / 240 PS and 500 Newtonmeter is only slightly weaker than the Td6, which also confirm the hardly worse performance. However, he does not offer any great advantages: Although he is on paper with average fuel consumption 6,3 just under a liter more economical, in practice, however, the advantage should be lower. And he is also not much more attractive in terms of price: 2.000 Euro saves the renunciation of the sovereignty of the six-cylinder engine.

The interior of the Land Rover Discovery has been significantly modernized and upgraded

The 132 kW / 180 PS powerful version of the four-cylinder engine, which is not a bargain as a Td4 (with just a turbocharger) with 50.500 Euro, but definitely a fair offer, is considerably cheaper. Finally, with the new disco you get plenty of car: In addition to the possibility to take seven passengers on request, the Landy 2.500 liter of storage space and loads of amenities. Among other things, the engineers have installed up to nine USB ports and six 12-volt sockets in the much more comfortable compared to its rugged predecessor interior depending on the equipment. In addition, the Discovery proceeds with the latest navigation and entertainment technology.

The luggage compartment offers space for 2.500 liters of luggage

Typical Land Rover: The engineers also thought of the off-road adventurers when it came to infotainment. The giant screen in the center console shows, among other things, the position of the wheels and the current incline and tilt angles of the vehicle. And there is a separate menu item through which the exact dimensions of the Discovery can be called up. This saves looking at the manual in an emergency and is equally practical in the field and in front of the city car park. (Michael Gebhardt / SP-X)

As before, the Land Rover Discovery is also available as a seven-seater. Adults can sit comfortably on all three rows
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