Lexus RX with "Roll Skyhook Control"

New chassis of the Lexus RX for the series

Compared to its predecessor, the new RX has a revised chassis with MacPherson struts on the front axle and a further developed double wishbone rear axle. The revisions include, for example, a more powerful stabilizer at the front. This improves the responsiveness of the steering and increases driving pleasure.

The suspension in the luxury version

The Luxury features the new Lexus RX with AVS adaptive variable damping system. The system baptized AVS individually adjusts the damping depending on the road condition and the driving style of the driver on each wheel. On bumpy roads, for example, the damping is automatically set more comfortable. On the other hand, with fast cornering and good road conditions, the system tunes the suspension more sportily, thus reducing the body's rolling motion.

Roll Skyhook-Control for the F-Sport version

The F Sport version of the new Lexus RX is equipped with active stabilizers in addition to the AVS. The stabilizer is stiffened within milliseconds by “twisting” the electric motor. This reduces the rolling motion of the body when driving in a sporty manner and increases driving stability when cornering.

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