Bettina Böttinger thrilled with the new Lexus IS 300h

TV presenter Bettina Böttinger has been driving a Prius privately for nine years and has sworn by the Toyota hybrid drive since then.

"This economical car is not only a contribution to environmental protection, it is also fun to drive and at the gas station"

so the Rhinelander. On the occasion of an event organized by Lexus and Toyota under the motto “Driving Fun”, she took the opportunity to test the new Lexus IS 300h test drive. The new full hybrid sedan with rear-wheel drive delivers a system output of 223 hp with a standard consumption of 4,3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Bettina Böttinger was already enthusiastic after her first test drive - of the performance of the sporty sedan as well as of the economical drive, the high level of comfort and the first-class workmanship.

"You can feel the many details in the interior that this is a car from the premium segment."

It remains to be seen whether the moderator will soon be one of the Lexus customers. In any case, she remains true to the hybrid drive: she will shortly receive her new car, a Prius plug-in.

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