Gallery: Lexus RC F - the technology in detail

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Overview of the technology and details of the new Lexus RC-F

Lexus RC-F01 engineering detail
Sectional view with a view of the 5.0 liter V8, the drive train and the “double wishbone” axle construction at the front.
Lexus RC-F02 engineering detail
4.969 ccm³ displacement has the V8 engine of the RC-F. From the engine block, the 477 PS powerful vacuum cleaner is a complete new development.
Lexus RC-F03 engineering detail
The air intakes of the RC-F are not for the show. Behind it are the oil coolers. From there, the air is passed on through the wheelhouse in the direction of the brake.
Lexus RC-F04 engineering detail
Forged alloy for the multi-link rear suspension reduces unsprung weight.
Lexus RC-F05 engineering detail
The platform of the RC-F has similarities with the Lexus IS and the GS. In addition to high-strength steels, aluminum components are used.
Lexus RC-F06 engineering detail
The disguised underbody ensures a defined aerodynamics even below the vehicle.
Lexus RC-F07 engineering detail
Double wishbone front axle with forged aluminum forks (top).
Lexus RC-F08 engineering detail
Multi-link rear axle and steering wheel in detail.
Lexus RC-F09 engineering detail
On the front axle tires of the dimension 255 / 35-19 were used, in the back 275 / 35-19 are used.
Lexus RC-F10 engineering detail
The 380mm big brake system comes from brake specialist Brembo from Italy.
Lexus RC-F11 engineering detail
Lexus has tried to keep the focus of the RC-F as low as possible. The empty weight is between 1.765 kg and 1.840 kg.

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