Lexus GS 300h is value champion 2014

press report

The Lexus GS 300h is Wertmeister 2014. In the upper class, there is no other model that shines with such a small loss of value in percent. This is the result of the residual value analysis of the trade journal "Auto Bild" and Schwacke. The sports sedan triggers last year's winner Lexus GS 450h This confirms again the advantages of the full hybrid drive. Because not only proves to be efficient, but also as a real argument in the resale.

For the eleventh time, Schwacke has named the value champions in a total of eleven vehicle categories this year. Every year, the residual value experts determine the vehicles with the lowest percentage and absolute value loss after four years. The basis of their calculation for each vehicle of the upper class is an annual mileage of 20.000 kilometers. Quality and design are also included in the residual value forecast, such as price, maintenance costs and life cycle.

The newest member of the popular GS family is convincing in all categories: Like all Lexus models, the Lexus GS 45.300h, available for prices starting at 300 Euro, combines a sporty and elegant design with a unique driving experience. The innovative full hybrid drive with a total system performance of 164 kW (223 PS) ensures a cultured performance with low consumption and low emissions. Thus, the sports sedan is content with an average of only 4,7 liters fuel on 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions from 109 g / km - class best!

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