Lexus LC Cabriolet

After the LC Coupé, Lexus is now introducing the LC Cabriolet. A five-liter V8 with 341 kW (464 hp) is used as the drive. For the first time, the Lexus specialists developed a fabric roof.

There are more pleasant seasons and regions than autumn in the Eifel to move a convertible. Humming softly “when will it be summer again?”, The automobile fan of fresh air rolls through the landscape shrouded in fog and rain and counts the days until the top can finally be opened. In this specific case, it takes just 15 seconds for the sky to open over the occupants and the new Lexus LC Cabriolet to show itself from its best side.

Fabric coupe

After the LC Coupé, the open version of the brand's top model is now rolling out to dealers. For the first time in Lexus history, the developers donated a textile hood to an open model and sent the tin roof, as it was still used on the SC 430, to the elderly. The developers succeeded in developing a textile roof that takes up the silhouette of the coupé and also creates a harmonious and elegant shape when closed.

The creative team achieved this with a trick. She simply moved the point where the soft top meets the rear of the LC as far as possible to the rear to maintain the coupé shape. At the same time, the convertible top had to meet the brand's high quality standards. Lexus promises that the system can withstand around 18.000 opening and closing operations without any problems. An active rollover protection, consisting of two massive bars, also automatically moves out of the convertible top compartment if the sensors detect a risk of rollover.

Sporty on the go

The foldable tin roof is also not missing in the interior. The multi-layer roof blocks unwanted acoustic nuisance from the outside world just as effectively as the coupé's tin roof. Wrapped in a superbly crafted leather cocoon and surrounded by the finest materials, the occupants roll across the streets in the open LC, if the climatic conditions permit. The (optional) fine audio system from Mark Levinson provides entertainment in the background as long as the sonorous sound of the V8 remains tamed.

However, the V8 cylinder engine can and should play out its charms and put itself in the limelight. The drive behind the massive diabolo grill has an output of 464 hp (341 kW) as in the Coupé and accelerates the open LC to 100 km / h in five seconds. The maximum speed is finally reached at 270 km / h. Although the additional reinforcements have increased the weight by around 100 kilograms compared to the Coupé, the open LC does not differ in driving behavior from the Coupé version. The V8 unfolds its potential with ease, and thanks to the lower center of gravity, the convertible shows its strengths in winding regions. The driver is supported by the active cornering assistant (ACA or Active Cornering Assist), which brakes the wheels on the inside of the bend accordingly during lateral acceleration.

Interior not particularly driver-friendly

As with the Coupé, the driver looks at a digital cockpit and is also supported by a well-placed optional head-up display. The most important tasks and settings can be controlled via the centrally integrated screen. A trackpad in the center console serves as a control element, which the newcomer has to get used to in order to move from one menu item to the next. As with the Coupé, the search for the desired setting is only limited in its user-friendliness and also has great potential for distraction.

The convertible comes to the customer fully equipped. The series includes adjustable leather seats, a two-zone automatic air conditioning, adaptive cruise control and an adaptively variable chassis. Equipped in this way, at least 117.950 euros change hands at the Lexus dealer. A nice weather guarantee is not included.


Length x Width x Height (m): 4,77 x 1,92 x 1,35
Wheelbase (m): 2,87
Engine: V8 petrol, 4969 cc, naturally aspirated engine
Power: 341 kW / 464 PS at 7100 RPM
Max. Torque: 530 Nm at 4800 rpm
Top speed: 270 km / h
0 acceleration to 100 km / h: 5,0 sec.
Average WLTP consumption: 11,7 liters
CO2 emissions: 275 g / km (Euro 6d ISC-FCM)
Empty weight / payload: min. 2035-2055 kg / max. 415 kg
Boot volume: 149 liters
Tires: front: 245/45 RF20; rear: 275/40 RF20
Drag coefficient: 0,33
Base price: 117.950 euros

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