Lexus LS 500h - double heart and double gear

In a world premiere, Lexus introduces the new LS 2017h at the Geneva Motor Show 500

Beginning 2017 posed Lexus at the Detroit Auto Show the reissue of its flagship LS before - at that time still with a 400 PS strong V6 petrol engine. At the Geneva Motor Show (9 until 19, March) follows the hybrid variant LS 500h, which has been blessed with some fuel-saving tricks.

For the first time, the new hybrid drivetrain was introduced in the LC 500h luxury coupe, which combines an 299 PS strong 3,5-liter V6 gasoline engine with an 179 PS powerful electric motor. In combination, suction gasoline engine and electric drive should throw a system performance of 264 KW / 359 PS into the tunnel. Details of driving performance of the LS do not make the Japanese yet, but the sprint time should be slightly worse than the coupe, which will specify with 4,7 seconds. A top speed of 250 km / h goes without saying in this class.

Under the hood of the LS 500h is a technically highly complex drive

A special feature is the transmission of the LS 500h, in which a four-speed automatic CVT transmission was followed by a four-speed automatic transmission. This technology is intended to ensure better starting behavior and low engine speeds at cruising speed. In addition, the rubber band effect should be less pronounced and the drive to produce a linear sense of acceleration. As another special feature, the combustion engine can be completely switched off at cruising speeds of up to 140 km / h. Consumables, however, Lexus has not yet revealed. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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