N24h - Lexus, the competition with the "big three"

Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. Such an old winged word from motorsport. Since motorsport has been practiced professionally, i.e. in principle for 100 years, competition on the racetrack has always been understood as proof of the competence of your own vehicles. Only those who do not shy away from the competition, only those who cross the finish line first on Sunday, only those who beat their competitors on the race track - will also build the most successful and sportiest vehicles - because motorsport is the yardstick of passion.

Lexus accepts the Nordschleife challenge!

That the Japanese love the Norschleife, it shows in 43rd ADAC Zurich 24-hour race For example, the fact that the organizer always connects a Japanese moderator for the many fans from Japan. The 24-hour race will be held on Live Stream broadcast all over the world and Japanese petrolheads love the races on the Nordschleife.

Lexus is now known as a manufacturer of special premium vehicles. So the new one belongs Lexus NX 200t and the new Lexus RC to the competitors in the premium segment. But the road vehicles are just one side, if you want to demonstrate what you can really do - then you have to face the sporting competition. Lexus does that. Lexus demonstrates the Japanese passion for the “most beautiful racetrack in the world” in the 24h race.

Number 53 - Lexus LFA Code X - SP-Pro

N24h Nurburgring001 LFA lexus in competition

Clearly the sharpest sword of the Japanese. With the Lexus LFA Code X, the extreme sports car of the LFA has been turned into a real long-distance racer. The LFA Code-X starts in the SP-Pro class and shares the field with two Porsche 911s. After 2/3 of the racing time, the LFA Code-X is clearly in the lead in its class. The motto is to arrive, the currently fastest lap time of start number # 17 is 8: 35.661 and thus only a blink of an eye behind the local matadors of the Porsche Manthey (Wochenspiegel).


Starting number 187 - Lexus RC - SP3T

N24h Nurburgring002 lexus in competition

Premium racer on the Nordschleife course - With the racing variant of the recently featured Lexus RC Lexus is looking for competition in the class SP3T. Qualifying had ended at position 4. The best time was 10: 00,116. After 2/3 of the 24-hour race, the Gazoo Racing Lexus RC fought its way up to position 2 in its class. The best lap time is now a very respectable 9: 46,969.


Start number 54 - Lexus IS-F CCS-R - SP8

N24h Nurburgring008 lexus in competition

With the racing version of the Lexus IS-F, Lexus has been on the Nordschleife for a long time and as part of the VLN endurance cup. The IS-F CCS-R starts in class SP8 and fights with Aston Martin and BMW racing cars. The training session ended the V8 balancing drone from Japan with a best time of 9: 41,949. After a good 2/3 of the race, the Lexus IS-F CCS-R is third in its class and chasing the Aston Martin. Because with a 9: 16,969 the Lexus IS-F CCS-R is the second fastest in its class this Sunday morning. A podium position should definitely be guaranteed for the Lexus team!


We keep our fingers crossed for the brave Lexus Racing teams and will look at the results again in detail after the race!








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