News: Lexus LF-SA - Nobel in the city

The space on the streets of the megacities is getting smaller - but some customers do not want to give up on luxury. So one speculates apparently at Lexus: At the Geneva Motor Show, the luxury Toyota brand is showing the LF-SA concept, a small car that offers progressive design and lush comfort at 3,45 meters short.

Drivers who want to continue to afford the luxury of driving themselves, you want to address according to Lexus with the test balloon. At the same time, they should be able to fully utilize network capability, information and entertainment, comfort or materials that are usually self-evident only in larger vehicles. The city car is designed as 2 + 2-Seater. Nothing is known about a chance of mass production.


With the Toyota iQ, the parent company had ever had a similar concept of a very small city car. The almost three-meter-short tiny traded as the 3 + 1-Sitzer, but found it difficult to communicate its innovative use of space concept as such, was also relatively expensive, and 2014 was set up in Germany. The Aston Martin derivative of the iQ, the Cygnet, which starts at 38.000, went even worse, but it was based on the Japanese but had its own look and a more valuable interior.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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