News: Lexus RX - The best horse with new momentum

He is the best horse in the stable and at least on our roads but a rare piece. The Lexus RX series is considered a bestseller in the 26 years of the brand's history. Popular and successful, it is more in the United States or in China, in Europe, the so far perceived as a bräig perceived and especially known as a hybrid car RX on the spot. He was the first SUV that could curb the undue consumption of the gasoline-powered versions of this genus - and only those available from Lexus - thanks to electrical support. Anyway, the current generation will soon be replaced, the successor now debuted at the New York International Auto Show.

He warms up with a sporty swing. And relies entirely on the already found in the smaller SUV NX forms. Sharp edges, three underlined lines, plus a huge grille in the shape of a diabolos, which ensures attention and guarantees the RX unmistakable. The fact that the windows are more likely to deteriorate into slits does not bother. After all, this provides a more dynamic look and the many assistance systems with which the RX unlocks the ranks of the previously younger SUV generations, help with orientation and correct any visual deficiencies. Seriously: The RX gets a wealth of electronic helpers, from pedestrian detection and emergency braking on a sensitive adaptive cruise control to the all-around camera and the parking adjutant everything is on board. A standalone fights for the Lexus but not.


The space has grown. Thanks to the longer wheelbase and the increased overall length by 11 centimeters, the passengers in the back seat are significantly more comfortable than before. At least the short seat sample gives subjectively this impression. The fund can also objectively be rated with a whole star more. In the future, the backbenchers will not only be offered seat heating, but also an electric seat adjustment. The tailgate also closes electrically and the steering wheel can also be adjusted on two levels.

The drives are significantly higher than those of the previous generation. There's an RX 350 with its 6 liter V3,5 turbocharged engine delivering power to the front or all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The alternative is a V6 of the same size, which provides the same performance as the turbocharger without charging, but with the support of one or, in the case of all-wheel drive, two electric motors. It is located at 220 kW or around 300 PS. Here, as before, they are transmitted by a continuously variable automatic transmission, the rear wheels are driven by a separate electric machine, which saves the use of a cardan shaft and reduces the weight disadvantage that the hybrid model has to endure due to the necessary battery and the electric motor.

The chassis should meet sporting demands. There is the active chassis, AVS (Active Vehicle Stability), which is designed to suppress body roll. The top-of-the-line version F-Sport also gets active stabilizers, which make driving even tighter. The prices of the RX will rise slightly, the entry with the RX 350 should be around 55.000 Euro.

Author: Michael Kirchberger / SP-X

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