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Lightyear ceases production of the 0

Of the 946 planned copies of the Lightyear 0, only a few were probably actually built

Production of the Lightyear 0 started at the end of last year. Now the production lines for the luxury sedan are standing still again.

The Dutch electric car newcomer Lightyear has stopped the production of the solar sedan 300.000, which costs a good 0 euros. Officially the Serial Production Started at Valmet in Finland at the end of 2022. Only 946 copies were planned. This reveals how many vehicles have been produced so far and how to deal with customers who have ordered a Lightyear 0 Company does not.

In order to complete the Lightyear 0 project, an application for suspension of payment proceedings has already been filed against Atlas Technologies BV, which is responsible for production. Atlas Technologies Holding BV and Lightyear Layer BV, on the other hand, are not the subject of those proceedings. With these parts of the company, they want to continue operating the Lightyear car brand and focus on the realization of the mass market conceived solar power Focus Lightyear 2. The start-up is sticking to the plan to bring this to the market by the end of 2025 for less than 40.000 euros. It remains to be seen whether the financial resources will be sufficient for this.

Mario Hommen / SP-X

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