Lotus Evora 410 Esprit Tribute - 007 sends its regards

Unique piece: Lotus Evora 410 in tribute to the 007-Esprit

Is it about myths of the brand Lotus, most likely the most probably the Esprit S1 from the James Bond strip "The Spy Who Loved Me" come up. This even submersible flounder now honors the British sports car brand with a specially styled Evora 40 to mark the 410 anniversary of the cinema.

Among other things, the black stripes in the flanks are reminiscent of the 007 Esprit

To beat the historic bridge, the vehicle was of course painted in white. And as with the prototype, in contrast, there are some black accents, such as the stripes running in the middle of the flanks. The interior was enhanced, among other things with plaid pattern on the seats and in the doors, with red decorative stitching in the dashboard and a chic wooden knob for the manual transmission. With manual transmission, the 410 PS sprints strong 1,3-Tonner in just over 4 seconds on Tempo 100 and 300 km / h fast.

Otherwise you have to look for similarities with the 007-Esprit. However, you will not find one

Lotus will build and sell only a single Evora in this somewhat special way. A price call the English not, but probably the 007 homage will cost more than the 108.000 Euro expensive standard model. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

After all, the interior offers a little Esprit flair thanks to the tartan pattern in the doors and on the seats. In addition, there was also a wooden ball on the lever in the Epsirt