Mazda CX-5 with cylinder deactivation - first test

Mazda does a lot differently than other automobile manufacturers and is very successful with it. Before following the current trend in 2019 with electric models and plug-in hybrids, a completely new Skyactiv system, the Skyactiv-X, will set another exclamation point in the development of combustion engines. No, petrol and diesel are far from being "finished". Not at Mazda. The fact that the constant fine-tuning and the “brainpower” used lead to exciting results can be seen in the new Mazda CX-5 SKYACTIV-G 194 experience.

Test of the Mazda CX-5 with cylinder deactivation

The most powerful gasoline engine in the CX-5 has 194 PS and is a part-time four-cylinder

Mazda's solution with a large-capacity gasoline engine without supercharging is in itself a strange engine. Believes but quite SUV Germany, such a car need a diesel engine or at least a small petrol engine with turbocharging. Downsizing and such. But - Mazda has opted for another route. Whether they are right? The result will clarify it.

2.5 liters - no charging

The Skyactiv-G petrol engine in the CX-5 comes with a displacement of 2,488 liters (2.5) and has a - for a petrol engine - high compression of 13: 1. In addition to classic development steps in engine development such as the optimization of intake ducts, internal engine friction has also been minimized in the new gasoline engine in the CX-5 top model. New piston rings, a new cooling circuit and an increased fuel injection pressure are further optimizations. The most important novelty is the cylinder deactivation of the new top engine.

The valves of cylinders 1 and 4 can be closed within milliseconds using variable hydraulics, which were previously only responsible for valve clearance compensation. If instead of four cylinders do only two work, their work output increases - in the area of ​​low load requirements, for example when swimming freely in city traffic - the effect of cylinder deactivation comes into play particularly. The four-cylinder, now mutated into a two-cylinder, works with lower throttle losses. The throttle valve designed for the maximum output of a four-cylinder opens further, the engine breathes more freely. It is precisely this effect that reduces throttle losses and increases efficiency in this operating area. Mazda speaks of savings of up to 20%.

The hydraulic valve poppet of the roller rocker arm is taken by Mazda to implement a simple but effective cylinder deactivation.

The city engine

The engineering spirit of the Japanese can pay off positively, especially for infrequent drivers, i.e. people who are not primarily on the road with the SUV on long journeys with high load requirements. Between 20 and 100 km / h the effects of “dynamic downsizing” come into play. At the current market launch (since September 2017), the new top engine will only be offered with the 6-speed automatic transmission. And city and automatic, that go together perfectly.

Flatterer on the move

During a first test round through the Oberbergisches Land, the Top CX-5 shows itself from its particularly “flattering” side. The automatic was given an additional centrifugal pendulum to compensate for possible vibrations. And the “tuning” on the gasoline engine, together with its previously excellent manners, ensures a very comfortable drive. Whether he is currently in two-cylinder operation or working with all fours, this remains completely hidden from the driver. The working status of the Skyactiv-G 194 cannot be recognized in terms of noise comfort or possible vibrations.

The 194 hp engine puts 258 Nm on the crankshaft - and no - it is certainly not the top dynamic among SUVs. And even if the new engine is currently only available with the highest equipment line “Sports-Line” and all-wheel drive, it is more of a convincing glider and comfort flatterer than an athlete. In addition, there is also the impression of quality in the interior of the CX-5. In connection with the Sports-Line equipment, there are hardly any other wishes left unfulfilled - only the question about the leather seats can be asked and then answered with white or black.

Does he save now or not?

The standard consumption of 7.1 liters we have not reached that day, but just under 8 liters on 100 are more than just a respectable success for a SUV with automatic in this size. That the internal combustion engine is far from dead, Mazda demonstrates it with meticulous and constant development work. A detailed driving report to Mazda CX-5 is also available here.


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