Driving Report Mazda CX-30

The best of both worlds - The Mazda CX-30 scores with coupe-like looks and an innovative engine  

Double crossed holds better. In its latest crossover SUV CX-30 coupled Mazda not only the body styles coupe and SUV, but with the new Skyactive-x engine and diesel and gasoline technology. The Japanese have always been self-willed. Not only when it comes to clear and well proportioned design. Also on the topic of downsizing, turbo gasoline and Wankel engine in Hiroshima has clearly against the mainstream running views. The current trend is the use of a gasoline engine that ignites itself and thus should work like a diesel. A Diesotto so that already Mercedes-Benz and VW have experimented without pursuing the idea further or even bring to an end. 

Mazda relies on gentle curves 

With a length of 4,40 meters, the CX-30, which builds on the platform of the current Mazda3, joins almost seamlessly between the smaller CX-3 (4,28 meter) and the 15 centimeter longer CX-5. The fact that he is not CX-4 is not due to lack of consistency of the Japanese, but on the fact that there is already a model in China with this name, in the development Mazda godfather stood. The coupe-like outfit of the CX-30 sets it apart from other crossovers such as the Nissan Qashqai, the VW Tiguan or the Toyota RAV4. Instead of beading and edging Mazda sets in the CX-30 on gentle curves that conjure him in the light of the evening sun now S-shaped lines on the red flanks. After all, provide a comparison with the Mazda3 4 cm higher ground clearance and black Plastikbeplaenke underneath that only yes no doubt arises on the SUV character of the crossover.

Back-protecting high seats offer a good overview 

On ergonomically optimized and long-range suitable seats you sit in the spacious interior of the CX-30 with good all-round view intentionally higher than in the Mazda3. For the luggage, the tall-legged Japanese with full occupancy of four people holds 430 liters of space in the trunk ready, so he remains at eye level of the competitors. From next year, the Japanese offer a cargo system for the CX-30, with the help of suitcases and other items can be stowed flexible. 

When operating concept Mazda waived the touch screen 

The cockpit looks as in the Mazda3 high-quality with plenty of pleasant soft-touch materials, leather applications on the narrow, elegant instrument panel, a driver inclined to the central display and nicely designed controls. Even with the operating concept remains Mazda idiosyncratic. There is no touchscreen, the central display can be operated via a simple structured menu exclusively by rotary pushbutton. Somewhat laborious about this is entering each individual letter of the destination. But at least: There are no ugly fingerprints on the display. The standard and very legible head-up display uses the windshield as a projection screen and shows the most important information such as speed, navigation instructions and traffic signs.

Under the hood two gasoline engines and a diesel work 

Under the hood of the CX-30 are an 1,8 liter diesel with 116 PS (max 270 Newtonmeter torque), a two-liter petrol engine with 122 PS (max 213 Newtonmeter torque) as well as the Skyactiv-X gasoline engine with compression ignition and 180 PS (max 224 Newtonmeter torque) to choose from. All gasoline engines are equipped with a mild hybrid system and cylinder deactivation and can also be ordered with a four-wheel drive, while all engines can be coupled to a six-speed or six-speed automatic on request.

The CX-30 is a quiet performer  

Regardless of the engine, the first thing you notice is how quiet the CX-30 is. Here it pays off that Mazda has not saved on noise reduction. The diesel, which fits well with the Japanese crossover, convinces above all by its passage even from low tours, which seduces to shift lazy driving. The fuel consumption is Mazda with 5,1 liter combined to WLTP, while the two-liter petrol engine is to treat itself to 6,2 liters on 100 km. On a short test round with the Skyactiv-X petrol engine, the engine purrs softly under partial load. With a firm pressure on the accelerator pedal, there is still a lack of thrust for the almost 1.500 kg heavy CX-30.

With a pure electric car Mazda 2020 starts 

Incidentally, the interaction between compression ignition and classic combustion shows nothing when driving. To 80 percent, the engine should be in the frugal auto-ignition area, which should lead to a consumption of 5,9 liters to WLTP. The so-called SPCCI technology will also find its way into the other model series, but will not replace the diesel. With a pure electric car, Mazda will compete next year. 

The basic model of the CX-30 with 122 PS and six-speed transmission costs 24.290 Euro, the Skyactive-X costs 2.500 Euro more than the sucker gasoline engine and the diesel beats from 26 590 Euro to book.

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