Great Cinema: Mazda at the International Film Festival in Rome

The cooperation between Mazda and the International Film Festival in Rome will be celebrated for the fourth time. There, in a historic setting, in addition to outstanding films and current Mazda models can be found. First and foremost, the new Mazda MX-5 RF, the Fastback Roadster. In addition, the Japanese have arranged a drive-in cinema for up to 100 MX5 fans arriving from all over the world. A total of up to 800 people will find space at the Filmfest and can experience big movies on 30 screens. Start is on 13. October in the eternal city.

For four years, the Japanese and the Italians have been cooperating at the International Film Festival in Rome - with great success. Accordingly, it will continue on this year's Filmfest, the of 13. to 23. October takes place. It's an extraordinary experience for the senses, especially when you're watching a real blockbuster under the open sky. That's for 100 Mazda MX-5 Driver of the case on the 15. October open the Mazda drive-in cinema with the movie "Moonlight".

Presentation in Rome: Mazda shows the MX-5 RF.

On the same day it comes to the unveiling of the new Mazda MX-5 RF. The letter-number combination "MX-5" is now well known and describes the most successful roadster of all time. But "RF"? That stands for "Retractable Fastback" and describes a special open-top driving pleasure. With the RF, the Japanese have put a Targa on its wheels, which is particularly eye-catching with its lines. It marks a beguiling combination of coupé and convertible. The Mazda MX-5 with fully retractable hardtop - as we know it from its predecessor - is said to have died out. If the RF is the substitute for this, the grief may be small, as he is a more than worthy successor.

So worthy that even stars like Tom Hanks, Oliver Stone or Meryl Streep celebrate its premiere. Or are you coming for the international film festival? However, on-site you can meet the Hollywood stars and sip a cocktail with them in the Mazda Lounge.


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