Mazda2: With aspiration upwards

What exactly can you imagine under the Kodo design philosophy? The Mazda designers could possibly talk about it for hours, while such theory should simply not matter to most customers. In short: The car simply has to turn on its potential buyer at first glance, captivate him and at best not let go. The new Mazda2 has this potential, although he actually doesn't look that different from his predecessor in silhouette. But the dewy vintage convinces with, among other things, a distinctive radiator grille, dashing headlights and overall it just looks a lot better again.

The fact that the Mazda2 with a base price of 12.790 euros is not the cheapest offer on the market shows the self-confidence with which the Japanese want to position the small car, which has grown by 14 centimeters. If the customer would like to have the 66 kW / 90 PS version or even be traveling with 85 kW / 115 PS, 15.290 or 18.790 euros will be charged. Diesel fans get a completely newly developed diesel engine with 17.290 kW / 77 PS from € 105 - with 89 grams CO2 / km (3,4 l / 100 km) it falls below the 100 gram threshold.


However, there is a very adult vehicle for courses that can also be used to finance a compact vehicle. The size increase does not only refer to the outer length, but also leads to an 8 cm longer wheelbase, from which the rear passengers benefit in particular. A lot of air between the rear seat cushions and the front backrests allows for enjoyable travel even in the second row. And the seats with the taut but comfy-looking upholstery also look good.

Mazda engineer Ayumu Doi doesn't mouth too much when he promises that little Mazda will feel a class higher. Finally, the 2 Series should also be given proper long-distance suitability. Last but not least, the noise behavior was optimized and vibrations, which tend to occur in the area of ​​the floor and the seat rails, were eliminated. Indeed - the Japanese do not produce vibrations. And up to about 3.000 tours, all petrol engines (1,5 liter displacement) make an acoustically reserved impression, in addition, of course, the four-cylinder are present, but everything else would be surprising.


Those who are mostly on short journeys get along wonderfully with the 55 kW / 75 hp basic unit. It only looks a little flatter than the 66 kW / 90 PS expansion stage. However, if the driving profile consists to a large extent of the freeway, you should choose the 85 kW / 115 hp top version, provided the budget is sufficient. And please don't be fooled by the 148 Nm peak torque that both machines come up with: the 115-PS power plant maintains the maximum tractive power over a significantly wider speed range, which makes it appear fuller in practice. So the strongest Mazda2 overtakes a truck on the mountain more confidently than its weaker brothers - and without charging.

In addition, the gear ratio is cheaper because there is simply one more translation. The six-speed box is also very easy to shift. Automatic enthusiasts, by the way, have to resort to the 90 PS variant, as it is the only one that can be ordered with a six-stage automatic converter (1.500 euros). This option is also denied to the diesel - with an estimated auto-ignition share of six percent, this investment obviously did not pay off.


When it came to the chassis, the technicians made a fine compromise between commode coordination and a high degree of agility. Short waves absorb the dampers effectively; The small car reacts sensitively even to hard potholes and does not unduly bother its occupants.

However, they have to be strong if you want to bring heavy luggage into the trunk, because the loading edge could have been a bit lower. Clean processing of the somewhat playful-looking interior architecture contrasts with a wealth of learning material: Especially in order to learn all the functions of the rather complex Connect system, it should take some time. The screen, reminiscent of a tablet, sits enthroned above the dashboard in a stylish way and evokes associations with the Mercedes world. Depending on the equipment, there is also either a large rev counter in the middle with a digital speedometer or an electronically displayed speed counter in conjunction with an analog-mechanical speedometer. In terms of technology, the small car is not that small and has the finest features: autonomous braking, full LED headlights, head-up display, keyless locking system and cruise control. In fact, a small one for the big trip.

Author: Patrick Broich / SP-X

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