Mazda3 D 105 - Nicely packaged frugality

The Mazda3 not only has one of the most economical small diesels on board in the competitive environment, it is still one of the most attractive compact models almost three years after its market launch

After all, every third sold in Germany Mazda-Passenger car was a diesel engine last year. However, the Japanese brought their diesel to the buyer primarily in the larger Mazda6 and CX-5 models, the Mazda3 only had a share of 17 percent. No wonder, since so far only a diesel version with 150 hp was available. Now the Japanese in their compact class are donating a smaller drive with 105 hp at prices from 23.190 euros. But does the 1,5-liter unit handle the large Mazda3 at all?

The answer is clear: yes, of course you shouldn't expect miracles. Basically, the smaller four-cylinder is already known from the Mazda2 and CX-3 models, where it cuts a fine figure. The large Mazda1,27, with an empty weight (without driver) of 3 tons, but also relatively light in comparison, is a different caliber. The driving data already seem to betray it: 11 seconds pass until 100 km / h is reached and at 185 km / h there is no further acceleration. For comparison: the 2,2 liter version, which has a much larger displacement and is also more powerful with 150 hp, brings the Mazda3 up to 210 km / h Vmax and drives it from standstill to 8,1 km / h in 100 seconds.

As a driver of the smaller diesel, you have to be patient. Also because the Turbo allows itself a little respite in the lower speed range before it uses its 270 Newton meters of torque. Theoretically, the full torque is already there at 1.600 rpm, but in fact it takes 300 to 400 revolutions more for the driver to feel the thrust.

The small all-aluminum diesel is very easy to turn and is exemplary quietly right from the start. It also meets the Euro 6 standard - also thanks to Skyactive technology with the very low compression ratio of 14,8: 1 - without nitrogen oxide exhaust gas aftertreatment. The average consumption of 3,8 liters (CO2 emissions: 99 g / km) will only be achievable in practice if the driving style is extremely restrained, but on the other hand Mazda models are usually less far from the standard value under real driving conditions than many competitors. After a short test drive, we claim that four liters of consumption can be achieved, and if things have to go fast, it can sometimes be five and a half. An absolutely reasonable real value.

The Mazda3 not only has one of the most economical small diesels on board in the competitive environment, it is still one of the most attractive compact models almost three years after its market launch. No wonder, the Japanese stretches to 4,46 meters in length and almost shakes at the entrance gate to the middle class. The five-door car looks really chic, especially in the ruby ​​red (750 euros), which is subject to a surcharge. The interior is not quite as classy, ​​but looks very solid.

Again for the price: As mentioned, Mazda calls 23.190 euros. Sounds like a lot, but the small diesel is only offered from the middle equipment level Center Line. That means all really important things such as automatic climate control, central locking, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, cruise control, electric windows in the front and rear and a lot more are on board. The city emergency braking system is also included, but it only works up to 30 km / h, other providers are further.

The reduced price for a similarly equipped 3 series with large diesel is 1.700 euros. If you really want to have driving fun and don't have to pay attention to the euro, you should invest in it. For those who want to save more, the Mazda3 with small diesel could be a worthwhile alternative. According to the importer, this will be the case for every tenth Mazda3 buyer from June.

Oh yes, the Mazda3 is also available as a four-door, slightly conservative notchback sedan and now also with the new engine. Less than ten percent of buyers choose this variant. Incidentally, with the same equipment costs 500 euros more than the chic hatchback. Why? No idea. (Peter Eck / SP-X)

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