News: Lifting for Mazda CX 5 and Mazda6 - more beautiful inside

Evaluates after almost three years Mazda his successful models CX5 and Mazda6 carefully. Little changes outside, but the interior has been consistently turned inside out.

The external changes are limited to new optional LED headlights, which give both a touch of grimness, but are not available in all equipment and drive versions. There are many more modifications to the interior: the handbrake lever between the front seats has disappeared and has been replaced by a button that now does the blocking electrically. In addition, the control system already known from the Mazda3 with rotary switch for navigation, entertainment and internet connection is used. The 7-inch touchscreen color monitor is still smaller than some rivals, but has moved up a good bit and is therefore easier to see. The Mazda6, however, retains the head-up display, in which the speed or navigation instructions on a small additional pane are reflected directly in the driver's field of vision. Mazda has also increased in appearance. New materials such as vinyl cladding and chrome applications were added to create a feel-good atmosphere.

The range of drives remains largely unchanged. The strongest piece under the hood is the 129 kW / 175 hp diesel with 2,2 liter displacement, which, according to the standard, is satisfied with 5,2 liters per 100 kilometers. In the SUV, it is always combined with all-wheel drive. In the Japanese “Six” series, the “4 × 4” is available for the first time for an additional charge. However, only for the station wagon, which anyway makes up 80 percent of all sales of the Mazda6. In addition, the variant with 110 kW / 150 PS can still be ordered. In addition, petrol engines with output values ​​between 107 kW / 145 PS and 141 kW / 192 PS are available for the two models.

For the second half of life, both models are now up to date. Germany boss Josef Schmid expects sales to remain unchanged in 2015 - also for the bestseller CX-5. But this threatens family troubles: In the middle of the year, his younger brother CX-3 comes. And it starts with similar laurels as the great once.

Author: Peter Maahn / SP-X

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