Tacho manipulation at Mazda almost impossible

Mazda uses the current debate on the subject "The automakers adequately protect customers from speedometer manipulations? ”To do a little bit of self-promotion.

The headline of Mazda's press release:

Tacho manipulation at Mazda almost impossible

Of course that's nonsense. And the relativizing restriction in your own statement (almost) does not help you to consciously try to use the current discussion here to advertise your own DSN system.

The “DSN” - the “digital service record” - is praiseworthy.

With the digital service verification based on protected Internet technology, all maintenance work carried out at authorized workshops (Mazda companies and independent workshops) as well as any additional services such as changing a pollen filter or spark plugs with the date of execution and mileage are stored in the central, protected database , Mazda customers receive a printout with a security code after each maintenance and repair, which gives precise information about the work carried out. Mazda drivers can also use the free MyMazda app * for iPhone and Android phones to access the complete service history from the DSN around the clock. (Source Mazda press)

The problem is the limitation: “At all authorized workshops”. Because as a rule these are only the Mazda workshops. During a short telephone check, I did not find any free workshop in my area that was activated for the Mazda “DSN”.

And after the warranty has expired, many owners use the cheaper, independent workshops for servicing their own car. And then the “protection” ends.

Instead of protecting the hardware in the motor vehicle from manipulation, the discussion is shifted to a side war scene. Yes, of course, it is good for the automobile manufacturers and their brand workshops if the customer has their service work carried out there. But it's just not everyday life for used cars.

And so Mazda protects its customers now, contrary to what one would like to communicate, no better than other manufacturers from “speedometer fraud”. Too bad.

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