McLaren's long tail opens the roof

With the 765LT McLaren especially attract customers who like to have fun on the racetrack. They can now enjoy the track experience openly.

The one introduced in 2020 765 LT With a distinctive long tail, sports car manufacturer McLaren is now also offering an open version Spider with an electrically operated carbon hardtop. Of the Roadster is limited to 765 copies, prices start at 369.000 euros. 


According to McLaren, the open construction should offer the same body rigidity as the 765 LT Coupé, and the British estimate the additional weight to be less than a hundredweight. This means that the roadster, which is made of carbon in many places, weighs 1.388 kilograms, which is around 80 kilograms less than the 720S Spider. Compared to this, the elaborate aerodynamic concept of the LT also ensures that the contact pressure is 25 percent higher.

Typical McLaren speeds

The track-oriented roadster is powered by the well-known 4,0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 563 kW / 765 hp and 800 Newton meters of torque. In conjunction with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, the 100 km / h mark should fall after 2,8 seconds and the 200 km / h after 7,2 seconds. A maximum of 330 km / h is possible. 

The long tail opens its roof

If you want, you can let the strong wind blow around your head. The one-piece carbon roof can be opened at the push of a button while driving up to a maximum of 50 km / h. The process takes 11 seconds. In order to be able to enjoy the engine sound better, a small rear window can also be lowered.

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