Driving report: McLaren 765LT

McLaren is at a crossroads. But before the British dare to start over, they combine genius and madness again and crown their Super Series with a new longtail model. It's so hot it literally breathes fire. And many a Ferrari driver will get burned on it.

The McLaren F1 was the king of the fast lane and the "longtail" was its coronation. Because no other super sports car from the nineties was as sharp and fast as the hardcore version built for LeMans use and the homologated street twin. That was almost 30 years ago and the British have been continuing this legend for some time: First with the 675 LT from 2015, then with the 600 LT from last year and now with the 765 LT, which was sold in October at prices from 326.560 Euro goes on sale. This is not only the strongest and fastest long tail by far, including the original from the nineties. Above all, it is something like the condensate of what McLaren has achieved so far. Because shortly before a new era hopefully begins with the British with a new carbon chassis, the first hybrid drive and enough fresh money, he crowns the existing platform as a “best of” and with it the so-called Super Series. Even the much-praised 720S, which serves as the basis for the longtail, looks almost tame and peaceful in direct comparison.


Speed ​​fans will love it

But there is also much more than the powerfully sharpened design and the increased output of the 720 liter V563 turbo from 765 to 4,0 kW / 8 PS that make the difference here. The longtail is a massive 80 kilos lighter than the already slim 720S, every tendon is stretched to burst and the senses are as sharp as a predator before the attack.

And there is a lot to feel: when the start button ignites the 4,0-liter V8 engine in the neck, all nerves of the driver and his car are tense and all senses sharpened. When 765 hp and up to 800 Nm hurl the flyweight, which weighs little more than 1,2 tons, towards the horizon, a rush of adrenaline sloshes through the body and by just 2,8 seconds the cerebellum is 100 km away . So you experience it as if in a frenzy when the McLaren continues to pick up speed, breaks the 7,0 mark after a breathless 200 seconds and continues to storm until you lose your courage, morale still wins the upper hand or you actually tip 330 km / h reached. Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming!

Although the longtail literally sends the competition from Ferrari & Co into purgatory with the flames that sometimes beat out of its four titanium tailpipes, as without a chance as Ferrari 488 Pista or Lamborghini Aventador SVJ are against it, you don't have to be a tamer to master the car to become. On the contrary: perfectly coordinated and blessed with impressively precise steering, you can still drive the 765 LT with your little finger, even after you've had the knife between your teeth for a long time. Only when you turn the two switches for handling and powertrain to track mode in the radically reduced cockpit and switch off the now three-stage ESP, you should perhaps better keep both hands on the steering wheel. Because even 25 percent more downforce, tires with the adhesive force of Pattex and the brakes of the insane Senna can only prevent you from taking off at some point.

Not just for the racetrack

As spectacular as the driving performance is and as unrestrained as the McLaren lives out the charm of the lawn - the Langtail lacks the great drama that other sports cars make with so much power and speed. It's loud, but it's not making a noise. He has brute strength, but not a brutal character. And for all his potency, he is not a testosterone-soaked poser built just for appearances. Instead, despite the narrow carbon shells, the lower trim position and the noticeably stiffened chassis, it offers enough residual comfort for the long transfers between the racetracks and is actually a type for every day. A Ferrari, on the other hand, is a snobbish diva and a Lamborghini is a bitchy fury. The McLaren, on the other hand, is a professional through and through: Bold, cool and calculable, yet charming and heartwarming.

Fiery exterior

For the British, it's not just about a profound start, but also about the perfect appearance. That is why not only the engineers have sharpened the long tail. The designers have also come back and revised the 720S, especially in the part that other road users will see most often: the rear. The engine is now enthroned under a new cover with eye-catching cooling holes, the rear apron consists almost entirely of fine perforated sheet metal and the four blue titanium trombones glow towards you from the open construction. In addition, there is an illuminated shop window inside as an absolute highlight, through which the driver's shoulder glance falls directly on the engine. Except for the nine millimeter larger spoiler, the long tail has not become longer. Because the almost five centimeters that make the difference and justify the name are solely due to the new front splitter, which protrudes from the bow like the blade of a lawnmower.

The longtail is an extremely expensive proposition with a basic price of 326.560 euros. But money shouldn't play a role in this pleasure. Because the 765 copies that McLaren wants to build from the longtail have almost all been sold. And even if the British get through the crisis halfway safely, there will certainly no longer be such a car on the new chassis and with the new hybrid drive.


Two-seater coupe of the luxury class; Length: 4,60 meters, width: 1,92 meters (width with exterior mirrors: 2,16 meters), height: 1,19 meters, wheelbase: 2,67 meters, trunk volume: 150 plus 210 liters

4,0-liter twin-turbo V8; 563 kW / 765 PS, maximum torque: 800 Nm at 5.500 rpm, rear-wheel drive, seven-speed double clutch, 0-100 km / h: 2,8 s, Vmax: 330 km / h, standard consumption: 12,3 liters / 100 Kilometers, CO2 emissions: 280 g / km, emissions standard: Euro 6d-temp, efficiency class: n / a, price: from 326.560 euros

In brief

Why: because there is currently no hotter sports car that is not sold out
Why not: because sport can also be murder if you go overboard
What else: Ferrari 488 Pista, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and Porsche 911 GT2 RS
When does he come: Mid-October

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