McLaren P1 GTR: Track only

The production version of the designed for the racetrack 1.000 PS strong McLaren P1 GTR premieres at this year's Geneva Motor Show (5 until 15, March). The extreme version without street approval can only be bought if you already own the standard car, which costs around one million euros.

The McLaren P3,2 road version's lightweight and only 1 mm thick windshield has been retained, while the side windows are now made from engineered polycarbonate and feature a "ticket window" on the driver's side. The glass panels in the roof and in the engine compartment cover have been replaced by carbon fiber panels. These measures saved a total of 50 kilograms of weight compared to the street version.


Striking is the look: At the rear of the racetrack version is, in contrast to the street athlete, a fixed mounted rear wing. Together with the aerodynamic flaps in front of the front wheels, this contributes to increasing the downforce. The large double exhaust pipes made from a titanium alloy save another 6,5 kilograms compared to the already very light road version with 1.500 kilograms.


The powertrain has also been revised to meet the requirements on the racetrack. To do this, the technicians replace core elements with parts developed for motorsport that are more suitable for permanent high-speed use. In addition, components within the powertrain of the McLaren P1, which were specifically designed for use on public roads, were designed to save weight.

The P1 GTR is powered by a 3,8-liter V8 gasoline engine and an electric motor, which together develop around 1.000 PS. In the standard model, the combination of 3,8-liter V8 and electric motor makes 674 kW / 916 PS. The British have not yet mentioned the price for the super sports car, presumably almost 2,5 million euros will be due for it.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X


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