News: McLaren 540C Coupé - The second in the third group

McLaren divides its range of sports cars into three classes: the top of the Ultimate Series is the hybrid super sports car P1, and below that is the Super Series. With the 570S Coupé, the British recently showed the first model of the Sport Series and now the second in the league is coming. The McLaren 540C Coupé celebrates its premiere at the Shanghai Motor Show (April 20-29) and can now be ordered at prices from 160.000 euros. The model is available worldwide and will be delivered to the first customers in 2016.

As with the brand's other super sports cars, the number in the model name stands for performance; in this case, the further developed 3,8 liter V8 engine produces 397 kW / 540 hp. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.


The 1.311 kg McLaren 540C Coupé sprints to 3,5 km / h in 100 seconds, the 200 km / h limit is reached after 10,5 seconds. It only reaches its limits at 320 km / h. Due to the low weight, the athlete should be satisfied with an average of 11,1 liters per 100 kilometers.

Visually, the second member of the Sport Series is based on his brothers like the P1. The 540C also has large air intakes below the LED headlights and side air intakes. The 570C Coupé differs from the more powerful 540S by a revised aerodynamic package and a special wheel design.


So that the 540C Coupé feels comfortable on any asphalt, the Sport Series has a newly developed suspension system that is designed for both the road and the racetrack. It can be set in the modes “Normal”, “Sport” and “Track”. Among other things, easier entry and exit should be made more suitable for everyday use. In the interior there is a 7-inch touchscreen on the floating center console.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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