The BM Meets Shmee150 - From Zero to Purple

Full on the mark, but not on Shmee150. Björn Marek met the British car enthusiast and now a collector and asked him interesting questions. One of his findings? Black is not Shmee's color, which is probably one of the reasons why he sold his McLaren 675 coupe. It was limited to only 500 copies. How to do this? You just have to find a good substitute. The BM talked to the likeable Brit about his own automotive highlight, his collection and YouTube.

No, black is not the favorite color of Shmee. You can see that at first glance, when you see his new racer, the McLaren 675 LT Spider, considered. Yes, he has replaced the coupe with the open variant. And it is - drum roll - not limited to just 500 copies, but above all one: PURPLE!

The color of chastity

Purple! Ok, super athletes often wear colors that you would never do to your everyday bread and butter car. Poison green, yellow or purple. It is the color of chastity and is intended to drive away lust - I've heard ... But Shmee probably should not be the case. From zero to 200, the British bullet needs just 7,9 seconds. A pleasure that you can experience best openly grins the YouTube star. He even drove openly on a German highway via 300. Where else? Elsewhere, as in his home country of Great Britain, this will hardly be possible.

shmee-interview-with-bjoern-marek-mclaren-675-lt-spider-2016-my-car-blog-de-jpg 2
Fortunately, the gates are opening upwards

Incidentally, LT stands for Long Tail and describes the slightly longer tail of the McLaren 675, which hides a hinged rear spoiler. Its peculiarity: With strong braking he stands vertically in the airstream. He not only slows down, but also ensures the pressure of the 675 PS race car. Shmee did it in the two and a half months that he claims the McLaren Spider has already spooled 8.000 km on the clock and was even with him in Bosnia, Croatia, Spain and other destinations away from England. His verdict: The 675 is very usable, practical and comfortable. Combine the British convertible with a clear super athletic look, which ensures maximum overtaking prestige.

0-200 in 7,9 seconds. Best open!

The flat flounder adorns aero parts made of carbon, large air inlets or the aforementioned rear spoiler. In addition, Shmee's McLaren 675 LT Spider has a titanium exhaust system that saves five kg. On the other hand, the convertible adds 40 kg to the coupé due to the roof construction and pushes the total weight to around 1.280 kg. Not a bad value considering the engine power. It is also impressive that only three percent of the body's rigidity is lost through the use of the carbon monocoque, while other vehicles lose up to 60. Back to the exhaust, however, the Brit's switch to the open-top super sports car is quickly explained: When downshifting, the misfires pop into the titanium pipes, warming the heart, so that the corners of his mouth are drawn towards Eden every time.

shmee-interview-with-bjoern-marek-mclaren-675-lt-spider-2016-my-car-blog-de-jpg 3
Even the driving dynamics controls adorn the purple tone of the exterior

Let's get to the color: A mixture that was specially mixed according to Shmees wishes and makes the racer a special one-off. The purple was specially mixed with MSP - McLaren Special Operations. By day it shimmers in a blue tone while at night only shows the complexity of the hue. Inside, even the rotary switches of the driving dynamics panel were painted in purple. They are used to adjust either steering power and chassis or the power unit with engine and transmission. You can choose between normal, sport or track. Alone the middle of the gears requires the driver already a certain sensitivity in the lower back - the much-cited Popometer. Otherwise, the interior is very tidy and noble processed. But what good is a super sports car, if it is not moved. So Shmee and Björn Marek set out on a jaunt, where the Briton tells a lot about himself.

The collection? Especially in the development process

shmee-interview-with-bjoern-marek-mclaren-675-lt-spider-2016-my-car-blog-de-jpg 1
The optics speaks without doubt the language of the Speeds!

Thus, he has now developed a real car collection, but the highlight of course is the McLaren. Of the Ferrari FFwho is next to it in the fleet, something like the daily driver of the British, while the Porsche Cayman GT4 act as a pure fun car. And the Ford Focus RSyou've seen on the internet a lot lately? He stands in Scotland - for the bad weather, the four-wheel drive is particularly well suited. Sure, of course. Last but not least, he still has an old Mini Cooper, which is particularly well suited for the crowded central London. Why an old mini? He would, according to Shmee, next to the McLaren a legendary British car. And finally, the Mini also something like a sports exhaust, which also sounds good. Cult just.

It may also be something small for the city
It may also be something small for the city

But that should not be over. On the waiting list would be Aston Martin GT8who is coming soon, next year also Mercedes AMG GT-R as well as a Ford GT, Little toy cars just. But how did the enthusiasm for cars come about with the British at all? For him it was a hobby that already developed when he was very young. As a teenager, he had been a regular guest on forums and had visited numerous car clubs. He was probably infected by some BMW M3s and Mercedes' his father. But his father had not driven any super athletes. All the more astonished (and enthusiastic) he was when his grandfather bought a Noble with over 80 years. Special Bonmot: His father took him once with the Noble from the school.

The automotive beginning was characterized by 1.2 liters displacement

And so it came at some point that Shmee uploaded his first YouTube video. Back then, over six years ago, it was still a London carspotting video featuring a Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Murcielago. Incidentally, his first own car was far more modest: one Renault Clio with 1.2 liters cubic capacity. The Briton is not really lifted.

Not even in an accident. That would not be far behind, he eventually passed with the McLaren 675 LT Spider. But that was just a small thing: When strong braking he was easily up on his front man. This was caused by a ghost driver. The accident can even be seen on Youtube. "Why not?" Asks the Briton. After all, one is not immune to such situations even with a super athlete. Likeable.

Well then...
Well then…

“LaFerrari? I know already…"

Finally, Marek asked the car enthusiast what his best experience as a creator was. That too would not have been long ago and would have happened a few weeks ago. He was allowed to drive a few models of a Ferrari collector. And the models par excellence: A Ferrari 288 GTO, a F40, F50 and an Enzo. He could also have driven the LaFerrari, but he already knew that ... But only the sentence after that made him again the nice guy next door, as you also perceive him otherwise: "I asked myself: Is this really happening here? "For him, a dream came true to drive the cars that used to hang as posters in his room. Especially if you think about the value of the rarities. Hope to see you soon, Mr. Shmee!

Photos: The BM

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