I buy my new Skoda online because ..

I buy my new Skoda online because ..

.. the Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda first launched the car in 1905 ten years after it was founded. This makes the company one of the oldest in the automotive industry. The VW, Seat, Audi and Porsche brands have belonged to Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg since 1991. With the advent of the Fabia and Octavia models, the breakthrough of Czech cars in Western Europe began in the early XNUMXs. Today the VW subsidiary has established itself in the German market and is represented in several car segments.

Many people wonder how buying a new Skoda online works. This question can be answered quickly. Online intermediaries act between you and your Skoda dealer. Taking into account your requirements for a new Skoda, the agents will conduct a price comparison for you. You choose a suitable offer from the offers of the partner dealers, which give you the greatest discounts on a Skoda model of your choice. And best of all: this service is completely free of charge for you. Not only can you save a lot of time, you can also save money. Use a vehicle configurator on the relevant model review page to get a quote for your new Skoda.

As soon as you submit your wishes, the service providers will make you an offer for your new Skoda free of charge. You will immediately hear from one of the employees by phone or email. If you are satisfied with the discounts, you will be contacted by the selected dealer partner. Finally, they sign an agreement to order a new Skoda from him. You can have the car brought to your home or pick it up yourself. You can find possible reception and delivery options and their prices in the configurator.

I buy my new Skoda online because ... the financing requirements are very interesting. Usually the lender requires a down payment of at least 10 percent of the total amount. However, this percentage does not apply to car financing without a deposit. So you don't need any capital to secure the financing of a new Skoda through the bank. When you need a new car and don't have enough money, financing a new Skoda without a down payment can be a great way to restore mobility quickly. This is how you can buy or finance a new Skoda car.

A good credit rating, a regular income and the absence of negative Schufa entries are prerequisites for this loan. The advisor will work with a partner bank to determine if you meet these requirements after submitting a 0% funding request.

Information on why you should buy a Skoda online

The Skoda convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio and is considered a popular car with little depreciation. With an impressive, sporty and elegant appearance, a high level of technical comfort and a wide range of safety equipment (5 stars in the NCAP crash test), the Octavia, for example, has become a favorite with Skoda buyers. Thanks to the large trunk and interior as well as the numerous Simply Clever solutions, the five-door compact class is a bestseller among the family's models. A Skoda Kombi is particularly suitable for traveling with children and pets or for transporting oversized objects. The VW subsidiary has developed an extensive range of environmentally friendly engines. Like the Audi A3, Seat Leon and VW Golf, the Octavia is also based on the Volkswagen Transverse Modular System.

The Skoda Octavia has been very successful on German and European roads since 1996, and is now in its fourth generation. The Octavia is based on the golf platform, but unlike Wolfsburg, Skoda attaches great importance to legroom and freedom of movement. The Combi offers a lot of space. Engines deliver up to 180 HP (petrol) or 150 HP (diesel). The sports version is particularly fast: the Skoda Octavia RS delivers up to 230 hp and offers a top speed of 248 km / h.

Buy, finance or rent your new Skoda online

The advantages of the financial service are obvious: online dealers offer new cars, financing and leasing with sensational discounts. If you want, they can deliver a new car directly to you. The portfolio offers space for new cars of all strengths. Due to various financing options, buying a Skoda online is very easy. Very few can pay for a brand new vehicle out of pocket.

An installment loan for car financing is provided either by a bank of the car manufacturer or by another bank chosen by the buyer - there are different loan models. It is worthwhile to compare different suppliers and their contractual conditions. Advantage: When paying by credit, a discount of up to 20% from the list price is granted.

There are also various leasing options. Depending on the term, the leasing contract gives you the right to use the Skoda for two to five years. Then the car returns to the dealer, which, depending on the contractual agreement, can give the right to buy. Advantage: You have the option to change the vehicle in a few years and thus always use the latest technology.

Another good reason for a new Skoda is that new models drive much more efficiently and therefore use less fuel than cars that are getting old. This will be noticeable when refueling and in your account in the future. Older car models also produce more exhaust gases that get into the air and damage the environment.

Buy recommendation: Buy Skoda cheap online

If you are looking for a cheap Skoda, the internet is the right address. However, be careful when choosing your vehicle equipment. Because some of the dollars you supposedly save on buying a model can cost you more. We therefore recommend that you consider carefully whether you want to choose the lowest equipment line! It is best to write down in advance what items your Skoda should have. The basic equipment called “Active” is cheap, but has only a few additional components. If you do not want to do without equipment and technical sophistication, you have to order them individually when choosing a model. Select the option “Ambition” or “Style”, which will save you a lot of money thanks to a lower complex price for extensive standard equipment. You also benefit from the higher value of your car when it is resold. Because the two high-performance equipment lines already contain many add-ons requested by Skoda customers.

Your car will generally become more attractive in the used car market, the more it corresponds to the typical buying habits of Skoda customers. If you follow this advice, you will still enjoy creative freedom. Most Skoda models are ordered in the colors blue, white, gray and black. In terms of equipment, many Skoda drivers choose the classic ambition, style and active equipment line. Most Czech cars bought online run on gasoline. Surprisingly, the share of Skoda that runs on gasoline roughly corresponds to the share of diesel models. Most customers choose an output of 95 to 110 hp.

Buy Skoda online - advantages and types of financing

With the financing, the financing provider provides you with a new Skoda quickly and easily. The financial burden extends over a longer period of time, usually between 12 months and 3 years. You don't need start-up capital and can save so much. In contrast to leasing, the financed object automatically becomes your property after the last payment. It previously belongs to the creditor, i.e. the bank. There are several options when it comes to financing a Skoda.

With classic financing, standard financing without a final installment, you determine the amount of your monthly installment and the loan term at the beginning of your contract. If you have cash left over, you can also make an advance payment to reduce subsequent monthly expenses. The interest rate on the loan remains unchanged from the start to the end of the term, so standard financing offers good control over spending. After paying the last installment, you own the Skoda.