I buy my new Mercedes online because ...

Buy the new Mercedes on the Internet

I buy my new Mercedes online because I can quickly and easily find the best and cheapest Mercedes online. At least that's what most people who buy their new vehicle online think. But is this really true? Can I really find the best and cheapest offer online?

Benefit from buying on the Internet

The greatest variety

You can find every Mercedes on the internet. It doesn't matter which model you are looking for. And this is a big advantage compared to buying in a car dealership. Because there it can happen that the desired Mercedes is not available. Because due to limited capacities, the dealership can never offer you the variety that is available on the Internet. Because on the Internet you can search specifically for the model that you have in mind. And you will certainly find the Mercedes you are looking for online.

The best prices are on the Internet

A ADAC study even demonstrated that the best and cheapest prices are available online. It says that it is usually cheaper to buy a new car on the Internet than in a car dealership. This would save about five percent by buying online. With a high-class or high-quality Mercedes, buying online saves you a lot of money.
These low prices are possible because the online retailers have significantly lower personnel costs. The large number of offers on the Internet also creates fierce competition that also keeps prices low.

Save money by comparing prices

Another great advantage when buying the new vehicle is that you can compare the prices for the new Mercedes comprehensively. Because the variety of offers can save a lot of money. In order to find the right offers, you can also use various price comparison sites. This means you don't even have to bother comparing the prices of the new Mercedes yourself.

Purchase the new Mercedes comfortably from home

Another advantage of buying on the Internet is that you can conveniently purchase the cars from your home sofa. You are not tied to the opening times of the car dealerships, so you can comfortably start your search for the right car from your living room. And at any time.
In addition, you save yourself the possibly long drive to the nearest car dealership.

Use the right of withdrawal

When it comes to the right of withdrawal, the keyword is the Distance Selling Act. This law states that every customer can exercise a XNUMX-day right of withdrawal when purchasing online. This is a big plus for buying on the Internet compared to buying in a car dealership, because this law does not apply to buying in a car dealership.

Buy a new Mercedes online - conclusion

If you do not attach particular importance to the test drive of the new vehicle and if you are clear about which Mercedes you want to buy, then you should definitely decide to buy online. Because on the Internet you get the best and cheapest offer for the new car. And if you still change your mind, you can exercise your right of withdrawal, which only applies to online customers.