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AutoHub started many years ago as a small automotive blog. There is now one on every major social media platform AUTOHUB account And of course we also make videos on Youtube.

AUTOHUB stands for independence.

We love honest automotive journalism. We want to publish honest and unpaid tips and tests. We're all about cars - and we're not afraid to criticize something that big publishers immediately call the advertising hotline.

On AutoHub we don't know any bans on thinking either. Cars with petrol, diesel or electricity? E-fuels or hydrogen? AUTOHUB is not paid for by any lobby group - we are always independent and in the end we don't care what you decide. The car has to suit you and you have to like it.

We have independent news daily. We have new videos weekly. And we don't ask you for any money. You can access all content for free. But, we would be happy if you support us.

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