Well camouflaged - the new Mercedes-AMG SL

BRUSSELS - JAN 12, 2016: Mercedes AMG SL 65 on display at the Brussels Motor Show.

The new generation of the Mercedes SL series is still in development, but there are new photos of the Erlkönig that reveal more than Mercedes might want to reveal. The camouflage is really good, but it is still possible to get an idea of ​​the design of the new roadster. If the Mercedes-AMG SL, like the Erlkönig, suggests, then the company has a sleek car at the start.

A new design

Mercedes always manages to surprise with a completely new design. Obviously, this also works with the AMG SL. At the front, the new SL has a nose that is pulled down very low and a wide radiator grille. The headlights are narrow and sloping inward. When opening the bonnet, rounded edges can be seen and these edges do not run to the tip of the front side of the body. The similarity to the AMG GT Roadster is probably intentional, because AMG is ultimately involved in the design of the new SL. What distinguishes the new from the GT, however, is that the SL looks significantly more graceful and elegant.

Is the top made of fabric again?

The camouflage is very good and so no statements can be made about the details on the sides of the new SL. However, the rounded roof is clearly visible, and it looks as if Mercedes is not equipping the new SL with a folding roof made of metal, but with a roof made of fabric. This would be the biggest innovation, because so far Mercedes has relied on metal. Of course, this area is particularly well camouflaged so that little can be seen.

What does the SL look like from behind?

At the back it looks like the new Mercedes SL is a bit too short. In a picture of what was shot by the Erlkönig, the indicator is switched on and it appears as if the thin strip is only part of the lights that are built in as standard.

Image source: Adobe stockphotos

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