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Mercedes-Benz SL - Erlkönig for the new model in 2022

Our latest Erlkönig pictures show the best view so far of the new generation of the Mercedes AMG SL for 2022.

Two differently motorized Mercedes AMG SL prototypes drove us in Affalterbach with less camouflage in front of the camera. Both have removed part of the plastic camouflage and now show new details, making the proportions of the new SL more visible. The front shows more of the future radiator grille and at the rear the retractable rear spoiler can be seen for the first time. The new undisguised fabric roof is also easy to see. Overall, the proportions of the new Mercedes AMG SL are very similar to those of the AMG GT. Especially when it comes to camouflage, both models look like each other. At second glance, however, you can see the differences in design and details. As mentioned at the beginning, two engines can be seen in the pictures. The yellow prototype seems to be the SL as a 63, unfortunately it's not the SL 73e Hybrid, because it sounds even more aggressive and so far only drives in the old camouflage level. The other prototype seems to be the smallest motorization than the SL 43, because it does not have an extendable rear spoiler, a different diffuser and round tailpipes.

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